Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charlie Brown Goes to the Fire Station

This week we took a field trip with our old church's home school group. They went to the fire department. It was a lot of fun and the firemen were great with the kids. They took time to answer all kinds of questions like, "How much does the gear weigh?" and "Can you use those ladders to change light bulbs?" "30 lbs" and "no, because they are outside ladders" were the answers.

We got to meet the firemen that were on duty that day. We also got to see inside the fire station. The guys who work in Osceola County work a 24 hour shift, so we got to see their giant kitchen, and their bedrooms. The kids were kinda impressed they got to sleep there.

Getting to hold a nozzle.
 The firemen showed the kids all kinds of cool things off the truck. The hoses, nozzles, and brooms.

"Look a hose"

"This helmet weighs as much as me."
Drew even got to hold one of the helmets. It was really heavy. The fireman tried to put the helmet on Drew, but he wouldn't really cooperate. He was very happy to carry it around though.

"I could ride in this rear-facing seat."

All the kids got to sit in the back seat and see what it was like to be gearing up during a call. The older kids got to sit in the front behind the steering wheel. Drew was otherwise occupied and missed that part. He was busy climbing all over the little Gator they had next to the truck. That was about the right size for him to drive. One of the firemen even turned the Gator on and it had a siren that Drew could push the button for. I wish I had a picture when the fireman turned off the siren and took the key out. Drew was rather grumpy.

The Lieutenant even put on the full gear to show the kids. He explained that if they are in a fire listen for the "Darth Vader" breathing and not to be afraid of the guys in the big suits. He also explained some nifty features of the suit to us. It has a built in harness that they can repeal with, it has built in knee pads for when they are crawling through the fire, and it has an alarm system that if they stop moving goes off and if that happens all the other firemen rush to their aid no matter what. We also learned that it is tradition for the Lieutenant to have a red leather helmet while all the other guys have bright yellow polycarbonate ones.

This was a great field trip and we really enjoyed it. The firemen were awesome and really great with the kids. They were a so much fun to meet and I am looking forward to taking Drew back when he is big enough to really get what is going on.


Joanna B said...

Elliott is obsessed with fire trucks- he got to climb in one at a local festival and cried when he finally had to get out. There's an intersection he saw a fire truck at once, and he reminds us every single time we drive through it (which is often!) We would love an event like this!

Sue said...

This is awesome! Next time you are near the office, take Drew by to see Aunt Mamie's tractors. :-)

Molly said...

Joanna - There is an event here called "Touch a Truck" that is nothing but big trucks that the kids can climb on and talk to the people who operate them. I bet there is something similar to where you are. Also, local home school groups can go on tours at the fire station, but I bet if you stopped by the firemen would do a quick tour and talk to him.

Sue- We will try to next week. I bet he will love it!