Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Projects: Painting Interior Doors

One of the main things that really bugged me about the new house was the interior doors. None of them really matched. Some are newer wood colored hallow core doors, some were white hollow core doors, and some were solid wood doors. There was no cohesion in the house with the doors. The former owner confessed she had a door obsession (she had random doors stashed in the attic that didn't go anywhere in the house, and we have yet to find a couple of doors that do belong in the house). 

So, one of my projects has been to paint the interior doors white. At least that way they will all go together even if the doors aren't the same. The closet doors in Drew's room will be painted a different color, but that is also a different project. It belongs with painting his room. 

Brown doors before.

Solid wood door before.
It took about four coats of paint to get the doors covered. I actually ran out of white before I finished the back of the solid wood door, it only has 2 coats and is still mildly visible wood right now. I didn't think it was going to take that much primer paint to cover them. I still need to go back over them with a non primer paint to give them a surface that I can wipe finger prints off of.

Solid wood door after.

Wood doors after.
The hallway feels much brighter now that the doors are painted. Joy came over this week and said they looked so much better she couldn't remember what they looked like before, which is what I was going for. At some point we might paint the hallway, but for now I am enjoying the brightness of it.

I still have to paint our master bedroom and bathroom doors. I am having trouble figuring out how to block them off though. It is hard to paint when I am home by myself with Drew because he really wants to help and paint is fun. The other issue is our bedroom door comes right off the kitchen and there are three walk ways that have to be blocked off, and while we have 3 baby gates one walk way is just awkward enough that a gate doesn't fit well. The other big reason this project isn't a 100% finished is I am still out of white paint. That will be remedied this weekend.

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