Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Projects: Hacking An Ikea Wardrobe

I am going to stop numbering the projects for a while. It is getting confusing to me and they aren't lining up with the days any more. We are getting stuff done, but it isn't working well with the numbers. At the end I will post a tally with links to projects that got a post.

Today, we hacked our Ikea Aneboda wardrobe. We really like this piece we picked up in the as-is section. We need something by the front door to function as our entry way since this house doesn't have one. It just had some quirks we weren't crazy about.


Originally it had slightly opaque doors. In theory this sounds fun, but in practice the whole world could see all the stuff we had in the wardrobe which mildly defeated the point. So, I had some fun Ikea wrapping paper and I put it behind the plastic parts of the door. Under normal circumstances I would have just used double sided tape and called it a day, but in this house that won't work. Drew started pulling the wrapping paper out instantly. I had to get creative. I used clear contact paper to go over the whole back of the door. It seals it from him pulling it out.

Then we had to address the interior issues. We have been playing with different ideas for a while now. We added some Command hooks and that helped with my purse storage, baseball caps, and a bag to hang Drew's shoes in, but the inside was still lacking. Then we had the idea to just build shelves into it and be able to store the baskets we used in our old house for storage. Duh! Why did it take this long to figure that out?

AJ added a center support and shelves to the top part. The shelves were shallow enough that he didn't have to cut down the clothing bar that came with it. As you can see the wardrobe is one of Drew's favorite toys in the house. He spends lots of time pulling all the shoes out from the bins under where he is sitting in the picture. 

Now we have a way to store the camera bag, AJ's work bag, lunch box, and storage bins. Before all this was shoved into the bottom of the wardrobe under the jackets. It was a mess, but now it seems so nice. I think this is going to help with the organization problem in the wardrobe. We even have space under the jackets to still store our reusable shopping bags. I am excited that this hack worked!

Drew approves this project.

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Anonymous said...

I love what you did with this! I've been thinking of getting the same piece, but all the pictures where you could see people's clothes hanging through the doors were about to change my mind. Now I'm totally inspired to use a wrapping paper or fabric and copy you! I'm so glad I found your blog today :)