Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Projects: Finding Free Paint

With all the projects that need painting in this house paint has been an issue. Paint is expensive! Yes, I know it is a cheap way to make changes, but it is still a bit costly when we need as much as we do. Some projects don't need much of a certain color though. 

Well, I was reading an article somewhere and it mentioned contacting your local Household Hazardous Waste program for paint. Duh! I know that UF has a program like that. You can take them your old paint and pick up other people's old paint, for FREE!!!! I am not sure why I hadn't thought about that before. 

I called our county's office and they said yes, they have that program. Sweet! I made an appointment and Drew and I headed to where it is located. The guy there was so helpful. He asked what I was looking for and then found it. There was a whole sway car full of paint! I asked him for some greys, tans, whites, and black. He found it all. It was also some really high quality paint.

Free paint!
I came home with 7 gallon cans and 2 pint cans. They aren't all full, but there is a lot in each can. I do have 2 full gallons and a half gallon of the Ralph Lauren paint in a walnut tan color. The grey gallons are all about half full. The guy also gave me a 3/4 full gallon of white and the 2 pints are black to make some more greys. He was awesome and very helpful.

I am so excited to have new to me paint. I have lots of little projects to work on and a new color for my craft room and maybe our master bathroom. The best thing is if I don't like it I am not out anything and I can take it back and get more. I think this place might become part of our weekly shopping stops.

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