Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Projects: #8, #9, and #10 - Front Yard Clean-Up, Sign, and Fall Decorations

Today was a work like mad people kinda day. We started with the best intentions of working as soon as we got up, but there was an estate sale on our street. We couldn't resit that temptation. Luckily, there wasn't a whole lot of stuff we wanted or needed. I did buy a book for my Momma and a piece of fabric for some Christmas stuff.

What it looked like when we bought the house.

When we got home we decided that since the weather was cooler we should tackle the front yard. Ugh! We have gone round and round with what to do with the front yard. The previous owner was a bit of a hoarder and this included plants. There was no rhyme or reason to how she planted things. Which made it hard to decide what to save. She also had a "rock collection" that she left us when we moved in.

Up close and personal with the jungle.
What we decided was to pull up all the plants we know we don't like. Thankfully, Mother-In-Law's tongue is much easier to pull than the Wandering Jew in the backyard. There was a lot of it. We filled four lawn bags full of it. We also pulled up these weird cup flower things. Can you see how little I know of plants? These cup plants hold water and with the mosquitoes we have had this year the more we can get rid of that holds water the better off we are.  Everything else we just hacked back so we could run the mower over it.  

Attack of the Mother-In-Law's tongue.
I know we have a lot of Mondo grass in the area, but it was so full of weeds and vines that we couldn't clean it out. Hopefully, it will come back. We also figured out that we have Blue Star Runner, which is a pretty ground cover over most of the front yard. YAY! I wanted to plant something like this since it is nice and soft and doesn't require the mowing that grass does. It also apparently does really well in the shade.

This one pile was up to my knees. It is taller than the clippers in the ground.
When we got everything cut back and pulled up we had 10 bags of yard trash. That is a lot of stuff for a fairly small area. AJ put it by the fence to wait until yard trash pick up. He also piled the stones by the road hoping someone would take them. Well, while I was putting Drew down for his nap the former ower (who is renting the house next door) came over and asked if she could have the bags of the plants and the rocks. Yes, yes you can. She took all 10 bags and all the rocks! She is nice, but she is odd, and we don't have to wait until Wednesday to have all the bags removed.

Much cleaner looking.
We aren't sure what to do about the palm tree things next to the tree right now. Since we didn't know what to do we left them for now. They aren't hindering us from putting up the swing we have for Drew and that was one of the main reasons for cleaning out the plants. We are having to let the ground sit for a little while, too. It is fairly torn up now and we need to mow, but that is just going to make a mildly muddy mess. Even though it isn't 100% complete it looks SO much better.

During our lunch break on the yard I got a chance to finish a sign I started on Thursday. I love this song. My mom used to sing it to me when I was little,and I think it is appropriate for our house. I plan on putting it into our dining room. 

AJ won't let me use real pallet wood because of these reasons, but he is great at sharing his scrap wood and also buying me pieces to make things with. He cut everything to the size I wanted and then put it together for me. I think picked out what I wanted on it and divided it up and drew lines onto it to right on.

I wrote everything out with a pencil. I don't press too hard when I am doing the lines or the letters. I keep it light enough that I can erase it and re-adjust if I need to. After everything was about the way I wanted it I went back and painted over it with white and red craft paint. I got the letters to the shape and thickness I wanted. Then I let it dry. 

When it was dry (AKA when I got a chance to work on it again), I pulled out the lovely can of stain I have that I am in LOVE with. I brushed it on and let it sit for 3 minutes and wiped it off. I love this stain. It is water based and I can work with it on the kitchen counter tops. I don't have to worry about it staining them or my hands because it cleans up with soap and water. 

I am not sure how I feel about the red paint under the stain. AJ says it is a bit hard to read, but I really wanted some contrast. What are your thoughts?

While Drew and I took a nap, AJ pulled out my Fall decorations for me. When we woke up it was time to turn the house into Fall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall. It is my season and I think I decorate more for it than Christmas, maybe. I don't have any pictures of it yet because the house is a wreck and I don't have everything completely up yet. But, the project of finding the stuff in the shed is done and a good chunk of the decorations are up.

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