Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Projects: #5 - Yard Work, Side Yard, and Freezers

Today was a crazy collection of projects. To be honest we have a list of about 65 projects to do around the house. Not all of them are going to get done this month because they are BIG projects, both in expense and time. So, since we were home most of the day and the football game didn't start until 3:30 we worked up until that point.

AJ started tackling cleaning the pool and starting to take it down. We are trying to sell it and have a guy who says he wants it, but is being a bit flaky with us and it is getting annoying. I am holding off posting pictures until the pool is down, but the random bits of metal you see in the yard pictures are part of the pool.

I did tackle some of the weeding today. This is a huge project because there are random structures the previous owner left and we have had a lot of rain, so the weeds are taking over. I have started calling it our jungle in the areas that the lawnmower can't get to.

Attack of the weeds and siding off the old laundry room.
Weeds around the pool.
I worked on pulling weeds and rocks from around the pool. I got one full bag of weeds pulled from the pool and the little area above. I also picked up two buckets of rocks from around the pool. I told AJ the next house we buy will not have rocks. I picked the up out of the entry at our old house and I just don't like them. The grey baskets below are full of rocks, and just from one tiny section. This is a bigger project than I thought it was going to be.

Mildly cleaner around the pool.

Much cleaner around the patio.
Once I got the bulk of the weeds out from around the drain pipes AJ took a look to see what is causing the mild flooding we get when it rains. Turns out that the downpipes go into a fake french drain. He got the other down pipe unclogged, but he said this one needs to be dug out. At least we now have one working and we know how to fix the second one.

When the former owner moved out she left a lot of stuff, everywhere. She left stuff in the yards and in the house. We had piles of it in the side yard. She left some crazy things out there - mops, carpet squares, and parts of pallets. AJ got it all cleaned up and bagged up for the trash to take.

Lots of trash bags.
Lots of junk.
All bagged up.
Now that everything is cut down and in bags we can get the trash and yard waste people to take stuff! Yay! That also means that we can weed-eat the side yard and have a pass through from the front to the back yard. We also need to get the water softener sold and that will really help clear out the area and provide some funds for the bigger projects.

The other project that was completed today was getting our freezers brought over from the in-laws house. I think they were ready to have their garage back just as much as we were ready to have our freezers back. The new laundry room that AJ built isn't totally done, but it can hold the freezers until it is done. Later this month we should have done pictures of the laundry room and the wood shed that is on the back side of it.

Cleaned out corner of the laundry room.
Their temporary home.
Today was an odd day, I feel like we started a bunch of little projects and didn't finish as much as I wanted, but we did get two things knocked off our list. Though, big days like this take a lot of effort, especially when Drew wants to help with everything, climb on everything, and go places he can't go. I am happy with the progress we made today. It isn't perfect, but it is progress.


Joy said...

Can't wait to look inside the much anticipated freezers.

Anonymous said...

I was feeling bad that we hadn't made the effort to get the freezers to you. Trying to get all of our schedules free was difficult! Thanks for letting us enjoy the game with you. Sue