Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Projects: #4 - Vertical Laundry Baskets Part 1

 Today's project is only half completed. AJ is in the midst of building us a laundry basket for our master bedroom. We have had the same laundry basket since we moved to Orlando - 4.5 years ago. It is falling apart and we knew when we moved it this time that it wasn't a long term solution anymore.

Ikea Lillagen

Ana White version

I had seen several cute versions floating around on Ana White and Ikea. I like them both, sort of. I wanted a version that had four baskets and a door with cut-outs so I don't have to see the laundry all the time. The laundry baskets are kept in our bedroom and are currently the first thing I see when I walk into the room. It does not promote happiness or joy to see a constant reminder of clothes to wash.

 So, we decided to hack the two ideas together. We also found our baskets are Target that are fairly square so that they fit into our space a little better. We still need to get the wood to make the sides and door with, but instead of dealing with that aspect tonight we had people over for dinner and a movie. AJ did get the frame built and the baskets put into it.

In Progress Laundry Cabinet

Tomorrow we should have the sides and door put on it. That mildly depends on if Ikea has the right size melamine boards in the as-is section. We want the laundry cabinet to work with the dresser we have in our bedroom already. Though, if they don't we might just use some particle board we already have and paint it and add some pretty trim or something to it. It falls into that hard balance of having too much look like it all came from the same store, but looking similar enough that it doesn't clash.

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Anastasia said...

I like that it'll be all separated before it goes into laundry and out of view in the meantime. Very cool.