Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Projects: #2 - Eat-In Chairs

Today's project was to paint the eat-in kitchen chairs. This isn't a big project, but since we were stuck at home (Drew has a stomach bug today) it seemed the right project. These chairs have been almost every shade of color under the rainbow. I am actually starting to think they are held together now by spray paint. Spray paint is such an easy way for me to change up things and since I inherited these chairs (along with the table), I don't have much invested in them financially.

The old yellow and the new blue.
I had been struggling to pick a color to paint them. I had tried one of them a glossy black for a couple of months to see how that looked in the eat-in. It didn't look good at all. The other chair was still the soft yellow from the other house. Well, today they went glossy navy blue. I found a rug that I want at IKEA and I think the table being white and the chairs being blue will look good against the rug. If it doesn't, well I will repaint them again.

New navy blue chairs.
 We have a couple more projects in the eat-in so I am going to hold of posting pictures of that until we get them done. I think having a few rooms 95% done by the end of the month is a great goal. The eat-in is on that last.

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Joy said...

Yay! I love spray painting. How was the humidity? I've been waiting all summer to paint some things...