Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wing Man

We decided to go for wings tonight. Drew tolerated the hat for just long enough to snap a picture. He did enjoying dancing in his high chair to the music.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready... Set... Go!

I signed up to do my first 5k! I am going to be walking/ pushing Drew in the Disney Jingle Jungle 5k in November. AJ is going to be joining us, too. I am really excited about this. I am excited about the fact that I don't have to run, but we still have to maintain a 15 minute mile. 

When we moved into the new house AJ and I started walking more. We have been going over to Universal 2-3 times a week to walk. Walking both parks is about 5 miles, so it is a fairly good workout. I have also been setting a 2 mile radius around the house. That means that if something I want to do is within  2 miles, then I have to walk to it. I have been doing really well with this logic. 

The 5k is a big part of my desire to get healthy. I want to be fit and healthy to be able to keep up with Drew. Also, whenever we get around to trying for another baby I want to be in much better shape. I want our family to have a good goal of being a healthy family. AJ has even started playing ultimate frisbee again. While he plays Drew and I walk a 2.5 mile loop around the park.

I am very excited about all this! I haven't lost any weight in the last month and a half that we have been doing it, but I am feeling much better. Also, Drew is really enjoying being out and about. The only negative lately has been the crazy heat during the day and the crazy downpours of rain in the later afternoons. These two things make it difficult to get out and walk. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Boy Table

Drew has been indicating that he is ready to eat like a big person for about a week. This weekend my parents brought him down some Drew sized forks. He used them! He would put the food on the fork and then put the fork in his mouth. 

So, today we hit Salvation Army to buy some more small forks, spoons, and shot glasses. I also brought his little picnic table inside that he got for his birthday. He happily sat at the table eating Cheerios as a snack. We are going to give the Montessori method a try for a while. He seems like he is ready. I am not sure I am ready for my baby to be this big yet.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking the Slide Like a Big Boy

There is a small person playground at Universal. Drew has learned to climb the climbing wall to go down the slide. I was in mild shock when he did it the first time. He did this for about 20 minutes solid, until he saw the splash pad area.

World Breastfeeding Event 2012

Babywearing in the Ergo.

Drew and I attended an event for World Breastfeeding Week. Unfortunately, Drew didn't want to participate in The Big Latch On. There were just to many people and to many exciting things to check out instead of nursing. I am glad we went though. It is always fun to connect with other moms who are still nursing. We also met another little boy who was Drew's age. That was a little shocking. I frequently forget how small Drew really is. But, Drew was way more active and had personality in spades.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Spy - Turkey Surprise

Drew and I met Joy for lunch today. While we were waiting on her to heat up her lunch we got to see wild turkeys. There was a small flock of them right outside the building. I don't think Drew was as excited to see them as I was, but it was a fun surprise at lunch.