Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things that don't belong in toilets...

Giraffe puzzle pieces.

A couple of weeks ago our toilet started acting funny. We plunged it and augured it, and that seemed to help for a couple of days. We joked that Drew had flushed something down it. A couple of days later it was backed up again. So, again we plunged and augured it. The jokes got a little more serious and we started trying to figure out which puzzle pieces were missing. It came down to "Adam and Eve" and a helicopter for the suspects. Well, Thursday the toilet stopped working all together. I had to call a plumber because it wasn't draining at all and I broke our pipe snake. He came out with his big pipe snake and said that something was really stuck, but he got it at least flowing again. He also said that we were going to have to buy a new toilet because it was so stuck.

AJ came home and we decided that instead of rushing out to buy a new toilet we would pull the old one up and see if we could get the stuck "object" out. AJ did the hard work of taking the toilet up and used the hose and pressure washer to blow the piece all the way back up the trap. The puzzle piece is almost four inches long and two inches wide. I am surprised it had made it that far into the trap, but that explains why it broke my pipe snake. It wasn't going through that last bend no matter what. 

Lesson learned. We now have baby gates on the bathroom doors so  that even if Drew can open the door he can't get into the bathroom without an adult... at least until he learns to climb over the gate.

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