Thursday, June 21, 2012

Laundry Surprises

Donald, a sheep, a lion, a shoe, an airplane, and a sippy cup top.

This is what I found in my washer today... after I had run the load.  I knew that Drew had started putting his clean clothes in his diaper pail.  I didn't know that he had started putting toys in there, too.  I had been hunting the top to his sippy cup all week.  I knew he had hid it, but I thought it was under a bed or lost in my craft room. 

I think I need to check the diaper wet bag before I just dump it into the washer from now on, especially if it feels a bit heavier than normal. I am loving him at this age! Life is very full of surprises lately.


ashley said...

This is so cute!!!

We have to leave our washer door open when not in use because it's a front loader. Savannah has taken to putting "surprises" in the washer.

Molly said...

The new washer is a front loader at the new house. I tried to leave it open to let it air out and Drew put his graham cracker into it. So, I am having to make sure it is closed if we are out on the porch.