Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creating a Command Center

A few weeks ago I found something on Pinterest that I WANTED!!!!

I loved it. It looks awesome. So, I clicked through to the etsy store. I then saw the price. It was listed for $60. There was no way I could or would spend that much on something like that, even though I loved the way it looked. 

I figured I might not be able to make something exactly like it, but I could make something that would have the same function and I could customize it to our life and it could grow and changed as we needed. 

I figured out what I needed our command center to do.  We needed our chores for daily, weekly, and monthly. We needed our weekly menu and I wanted a weekly scripture verse. We also wanted somewhere to keep track of our house projects. We didn't need a calendar in the same place because we have a giant one on the fridge that keeps a lot of information.

I used GIMP (a freeware photo editing and creating program, very similar to Photoshop) and my digital scrapbooking kits. I found I had this fun bunting in a kit, so that is what I used. Making my own meant that I could customize the colors to our house. I made my text the same color as our wall color. I am in love with this particular grey right now. It is Dolphin Grey by Martha Stewart. 

I printed the chores out as 5x7s and put them in a triple frame from Ikea. The frame is also thick enough that we store the dry erase marker on top of it. 

For the menu and scripture I wanted 8x10s. I wanted somewhere I could write without it being all scrunched up. I didn't have two black frames in 8x10, so I hit Dollar Tree. They had a great selection and for what I needed $1 frames were fine. The only thing I plan to change is how they are hung on the wall. Right now, I have them on regular nails, but I am going to switch them out to command strips. I take them off the wall often enough and I want something easier to get them back on.

We also needed somewhere to keep track of our house project list. We discovered in our other house if we didn't have a master list in an easily accessible place then certain projects got lost for a long time. Instead of putting them behind the glass in the frame, I used double sided tape and stuck the list onto the glass. This way we can change the list and add or subtract things as they come up or are completed. We decided to keep a Sharpie on top of this frame for tracking our progress. I wish the frame was a little thicker to hide the pen. Though, I am thinking of trying to find a nice cup or wall vase to put both pens in. 

I like the setup a lot. I am trying to figure out a way to make it a bit more of a gallery wall. I am hunting a cardboard initial to put up with it and maybe some family pictures. I am trying to leave room in case we need something else for the command center. I do need to find something else to add. We have a place on the same wall where a phone jack had been added. It is an eye sore, but it is a fairly permanent one that has to be covered instead of taken out. 

If you have any ideas of things we might add or know something that might help our world function a little better let me know!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Laundry Surprises

Donald, a sheep, a lion, a shoe, an airplane, and a sippy cup top.

This is what I found in my washer today... after I had run the load.  I knew that Drew had started putting his clean clothes in his diaper pail.  I didn't know that he had started putting toys in there, too.  I had been hunting the top to his sippy cup all week.  I knew he had hid it, but I thought it was under a bed or lost in my craft room. 

I think I need to check the diaper wet bag before I just dump it into the washer from now on, especially if it feels a bit heavier than normal. I am loving him at this age! Life is very full of surprises lately.