Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Drew's Hospital Adventure - 2012 pt 2

Hanging with Daddy in the hospital bed.
After Drew woke up from his nap we had lunch.  His eating has been really flaky while we have been here.  Normally, he eats like a champ, but today he has picked at things and not eaten really well.  The nurse said this is fairly normal.

At 2pm we went to play in the Child's Life room again.  This time they were doing arts and crafts and Drew got to make a painting.  I don't think he was thrilled about this, but it came out cute.  Then we were just hanging out playing with toys when the neurologist tech came to get us.

This was the worst part of the adventure so far.  We had to hold Drew down to put the leads on him.  He did not like being held still or having things on his head.  Luckily, he went to sleep for the test the way he was supposed to.  He also had a spell while we were doing the test.  He woke up from a dead sleep by stiffening and then doing the deep gasping breath and turning purple.  He was hooked up to the monitor then, it was also being taped, and the tech put a note on the file that that is what has been happening.

Drew pulled my t-shirt up to lay on my nursing top since he couldn't nurse during the test.
 It was an interesting thing to have happen.  She let him sleep for about 30 minutes and then woke him up to do a strobe light test.  Normally, babies freak out with the lights but Drew thought they were great and kept reaching out to touch them.  AJ was very happy he liked the strobe lights.  When that was done we had to unhook all the leads. The tech did a great job with everything, but Drew was just done with it all.

Getting ready to take the leads off.

Our regular nurse agreed to take the baby low-jack off to let Drew have a shower as long as we kept him in the room.  While she was taking his vitals he had another mini spell, he did the tensing and then started to turn blue. In some ways that was another yay, because someone else saw it.

Now, we are just waiting to hear back on the test.  We did just get a heads up that it could be tomorrow before we get the results.  Though, if that happens we would have to go to the neurologist office tomorrow.  So, at the moment we are back to waiting.

We just got told we are staying for another night.  The pediatrician in the hospital is going to get an endocrinologist to look at Drew tomorrow too, for the growth issue. We also aren't going to get the EEG results until tomorrow anyways.  We still might be in for an MRI, but that won't be discussed until then anyways.


Molly said...

Molly, I'm anxiously following your Facebook feeds and Blog Updates. Thank you for keeping us all posted. We are keeping Drew in our prayers!

Heidi Heinsch said...

Thanks for the thorough updates of this rough time. So glad things happened for others to witness as well. Praying for peace and answers for you all...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. THoughts and prayers are with each of you and the doctors that they are able to quickly and easily find the problem (if there is one) and get it solved with no problems.

Molly said...

We greatly appreciate all the prayers and support. We know this is the only thing getting us through this. Thank you!