Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drew's Hospital Adventure - 2012 part 3

At 5pm Drew's grandparents stopped by to watch him while AJ and I went to the house to grab more clothes and pick up food.  Drew fell asleep on grandma and got a nice long nap that he really needed.

Napping with Grandma.
Later at night we found out that Drew is getting an MRI.  Which meant they finally had to put an IV in him.  They did this at 1:30am and it was a horrible event.  He was so tired and just over everything.  They finally got it in and we were able to head to bed.  Drew couldn't have food after 2am, so he nursed to sleep until then.  Everything was going ok until about 6am.  Drew woke up to nurse again and was very mad that he wasn't allowed to.  It broke my heart, but I snuggled him until he finally fell back asleep.  

You woke me up to do WHAT?
We were woken up at 8am by the endocrinologist stopping by.  He looked at Drew and said that he was about the size of a normal 6-7 month old.  He was also interested to hear in the sleeping problems and how active Drew is.  He said we are going to check his thyroid levels and a few other hormones.

After that, Drew wouldn't go back to sleep, so we went and found his car in the Child's Life room.  We have already walked about 40 laps this morning.  Right now, the car is the only thing keeping Drew happy. 

Kari gave me a car in my car.

How many cars can one boy have?
We are still waiting for the MRI.  I just had the nurse tell me that they are setting things up with the anesthesiology, but they don't have a hard time for the test yet.  She said hopefully it won't be this afternoon.  We are still hoping it will be before noon because Drew is not happy with not eating.  Poor little guy has no body fat to give up not to eat.

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