Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Maple Chase

On April 17, 2012 we said goodbye to our house at 4457 Maple Chase Trail. We closed on it that afternoon, and now it is another family's home. It is a little weird to think about that. I will honestly admit I wasn't that emotionally attached to the house, though I have had a few nights of crying over everything. 

I am sad to no longer be in the place that we brought Drew home to and that the memories we made there will slowly fade to just what I have pictures of. I am happy to have had this house, I am happy that we sold it the way we did, and I am happy to be moving to a place to create new memories. It is just emotionally rough right now because it was a bumpy ride to get it sold.

We decided to sell the house in October 2011. We figured out being an hour from EVERYTHING was more than we could handle now that Drew was in our world. We knew we couldn't sell the house until after April 15th or we would have to pay back the First Time Homebuyer Credit. So, we took from October until February to get the house in tip top shape. 

We painted almost every room in the house, fixed baseboards, patched holes, laid new flooring in the laundry room and half bath, recaulked the shower, and staged the house. All of this work about killed us, especially with a fast moving crawling/ walking Drew. It is hard to paint a straight line with him crawling up your leg or back, but the house looked great when we finally put on the market. 

We listed it on February 15th and had a full price offer on February 19th. We were very happy about this, but hesitant because we still knew we had to wait for the appraisal. Well, when the appraisal happened we were very shocked and disappointed. Our house came in $13,000 below what we were asking. We knew we didn't have much of a choice on putting it back on the market. Our area is still really depressed and we knew it wouldn't appraise for much higher even if we waited another year. So, we continued with the sale.

Luckily, we had a decent amount of equity in the house. It makes me very thankful we got a 15 year fixed mortgage and had put in a decent down payment. I am also thankful that we had been debt free except the house for about six months (yay paying off my car very early!). This meant that even though we took a hit on the amount of money we walked away with we were still in the positive on selling the house. It also meant that we could go a head and start the process of buying our next home (more to come on that later).

So, to honor this house and say goodbye, I want to post picture of the evolution of some of the house. It was fun looking back on how things have changed even in just three short years.

Dining Room:


Living Room:

Master Bedroom:

It is interesting looking at these pictures and knowing how many incarnations certain rooms had in our house. There are plenty of looks, redoing, and moving furniture that never even got photographed. I can also see how AJ and I changed design-wise in this house. We have grown up in our taste, habits, and style. I am excited to see what our next house will look like and how it will change over the years.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane 
and saying goodbye to Maple Chase with me!