Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Drew in his special turkey onesie.
Happy Thanksgiving!  This year we went to Atlanta to celebrate.  AJ's family decided to have an extended family reunion over the holiday.  It was really fun being able to see the family.  A lot of the family I haven't seen since our wedding.  There was also a few members of the family I hadn't met.  It was great being able to actually put names and faces with the actual people.  

We had our Thanksgiving meal in the club house at Uncle Jim's place.  It was a great place to hold everyone who came.  There were only a few people who couldn't make it. It was sad not having them there, but knowing that so many people came was nice.

Back Row - Dustin, Julie, Uncle Jim, Alex, Uncle Dan, Caden, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Pat, Andy, Sue, Ashley, Uncle Doug, Paul; Middle Row - Shirley, Carmen, Sophie, Savannah, Molly, Drew, Meagan; Front Row - Karen, Alan, and AJ (Missing - Amy, Rebecca, and Jenny's Family)

We had a good meal and lots of fun conversations.  There was a lot of catching up and laughing and joking.  The kids had a nice place to play outside by the pool (it was already covered and closed up for the season).

The baby cousins - Sophie, Drew, and Savannah
Savannah and Sophie had a blast playing together.
We also got some fun family pictures.  We have had some family get togethers, but we always forget to get family pictures, so this was a good chance to get some.

Paul, Ashley, Savannah, Andy, Sue, Drew, Molly, and AJ (missing Amy)

Afterwards, we went to a park to get some fun Fall pictures.  Atlanta has leaves that are changing color, something that Orlando is lacking.  We tried to get some pictures of Drew and Savannah, but she was more interested in throwing sticks into the lake.  Drew is still a captive audience for picture taking, but not for much longer.

Savannah throwing sticks into the water.

Grandma and Drew
We had to leave the park because the sun was starting to set and it was getting cold.  I am happy that we got a chance to get some good pictures before we had to leave.  It also gave AJ a chance to burn off some energy.

Happy Thanksgiving!  
I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food, and much happiness.