Monday, October 31, 2011

Drew - Month 5

Dear Drew,

Again, I am late writing you monthly letter because as always, we have had a very busy month.  I can't believe how much you have changed this month.  You have really turned into a baby instead of an infant.  You look so different now and I can see you growing up.

You are rolling from back to front and front to back without problems, though you refuse to do it when you are tired.  You have also learned how to scoot yourself around, and I know this means that soon I am in for a truly mobile baby.  Luckily, you don't like scooting on the hard floor as you do on the bed, so I am hoping to keep you less mobile until at least next month.  You have also started doing this reverse inch worm crawl, it cracks me up.  You are very speedy with that method and tend to use it when I am trying to dress you.  You have also been using your jumper a lot.  You finally got tall enough to reach the floor on the lowest setting.  You have really enjoyed it!!!

We have figured out you really like textures this month.  You will frequently choose to play with fabric or a soft toy over plastic.  You have also started snuggling blankets, which means I need to make you your own "Gott".  You have found mine a few times and gotten annoyed when I won't let you chew on it.  You love playing in the pillows and sheets in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  You have also gotten very good with putting things in your mouth, especially your pacifier.  It is very cute to watch you put it in, and then pull it out to look at it, then put it back in.

Checking out the texture of paper.
You have also really turned into a noisy little thing.  You have learned how to gasp.  The first couple of days of you doing this had me freaked out!  Then I figured out you would laugh after doing it so nothing was wrong.  Your laughing cracks me up.  I love hearing it, and I love watching people make you laugh.  It is so sweet and fun sounding.  I think you are going to be like me and once you start laughing you are going to crack yourself up.  You also have started having these high pitched squeals.  I think I am going deaf from them, but they are cute too.  You make them when you are really excited and are bouncing up and down.

You have started sleeping unswaddled most of the time.  We still have to swaddle you some times when you can't quiet turn yourself off for nap times, but that is ok.  You have also started riding in the car more unswaddled.  That is a really big step for you.  I think you are finally big enough to see some out the window and it entertains you.  Your sleep patterns are still all over the place, but I have decided that is just who you are and you will grow into sleep with time. We just have to wait for "your time to get big".   You seem to just need more time and help with transitions like that, and that is what Daddy and I are here for.

We didn't see Dr. Franz this month, but we did see the GI doctor.  When she weighed you were 13 lbs 12 oz.  That means you are still in the 10th percentile, so you are still right on track for who you are!  The GI doctor still thinks you have a really strong milk allergy, so we have to keep seeing her for a little while longer.  But, I am very happy you are as healthy as you are.  You did seem to inherit your Daddy's pain tolerance, so luckily none of this really phases you.

You still only have peach fuzz for hair.  Though, Daddy keeps thinking if he rubs his copper beard on your head that it will come in red.  I am starting to think you really are going to be a blonde or strawberry blonde.  You also tan!  I am so jealous that you can tan up like your Daddy and Great-Grandma.  That was a shocker to me when I realized that your little legs were tanner than my arms have ever been.

You also had a lot of new adventures this month.  I am starting to think that by the time you are a year old there won't be anything new to do with you!  This month you went camping at Disney and to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with Uncle Rey and Aunt Courtney.  While we were at Disney you went swimming for the first time in a real pool.  You weren't to sure of it at first, but when you figured out we weren't going to let you you started enjoying it.

Drew Mickey
AJ as a Mouseketeer
Showing off his tail.
The whole gang.
We got a laugh from Mickey because of our Mickey.

I was so amazed by how well you did camping.  You loved being outside and checking everything out.

Hanging out on the blanket.
This month you got baptized at Servants of Christ Anglican Church in Gainesville.  It was really special because Father Alex is the same person who married Daddy and I.  Uncle Chad is now your godfather.  That is special because he was also your Daddy's best man in our wedding. You had lots of family come into town for this special day: Great-Grandma and Great Grandpa, both sets of Grandparents, and Aunt Ashely, Uncle Paul, and Savannah.

With Fr. Alex
Grandma took you for a walk.
You decided to chew on Great Grandma's tie.
Great Grandparents
Momma's family
The other fun thing about your baptism was our friends John and Betty brought their daughter Charlotte down from South Carolina to be baptized with you.  We were all really happy to share this time with them.  

While we were in Gainesville, we went persimmon picking.  No one really knew what a persimmon was, but we thought it sounded like fun.  Daddy and Uncle Chad enjoyed playing with the long cutters and you enjoyed putting new things in your mouth.  This is also when we realized you can sit up if you want to.

Checking out the trees.
Persimmons make Drew sized pumpkins.
Daddy, Drew, and Uncle Chad
You went on your first cemetery tour.  It was in the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando.  That was a lot of fun. You slept through most of it in the Ergo, but you loved being outside at night.  We saw a couple of graves that we wonder if they are part of our family.

We have also spent a lot of time outside lately because the weather has finally gotten nice and much cooler.  You really enjoy playing on the blanket outside and going for walks.

With Halloween being this month I had a lot of fun trying different costumes on you.  Luckily, you were a great sport about it all.

Putting bug antenna on the Bug.
He is a little pumpkin.
You also went to the theme parks a lot this month, but I think that is starting to go without saying.  We met up with lots of friends from Gainesville and went to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.  You didn't get to try any food, but you sure enjoyed chewing on a Coke cup.

Drew's first Coke (cup).

Checking out the new ride area at Universal.
This month you stayed with your first babysitter.  You hung out with Grandma and Poppa while Daddy, Aunt Amy, and I went to the book sale in Gainesville.  I think you had a really good time with them until you got hungry.  You were very glad to see me when I got back, but otherwise they said you were great.  I missed having you around, but you will have to wait a little longer until we take you to the book sale on Day 1.

You also spent a lot of time hanging out with friends.  We went to Corona's a couple of times to have dinner with Joy and Jason.  They really like having you around. You got lots of sunggle time with Aunt Amy (Mamie) while she was down on vacation. She misses you a lot, but hopefully we will get to see her again soon.

You are such an enjoyable little boy and I am loving getting to see every moment of your life.  I can't wait to see all the adventures next month holds!

I love you bunches!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drew - Month 4

Dear Drew,

Wow!  This month has been so full of new things and adventures that I am just getting a chance to write this to you.  I am really starting to understand the differences in having a little boy - you are so full of energy and noise.  You are really getting the hang of moving and understanding you are making the noise and it seems to be all you want to do.  You are so happy-go-lucky most of the time and so curious about everything going on around you.

Eating the blanket.
This month you really found your ability to put things in your mouth.  You like chewing on blankets, froggy, fingers - yours and other people's, and almost anything else you can get your hands on.  You are so cute playing with your blankets.  You are getting a little better at entertaining yourself for short periods of time, especially if you can still see Daddy or me.  You have also learned how to giggle.  It cracks me up! I love hearing it and am enjoying new ways to get you to do it.

You are a very social little boy!  You have enjoyed people watching with Daddy and me.  You love smiling at people in the store and checking them out.  You draw a lot of attention by being so alert and interactive.  I forget how cute you are (because I know I am biased that you are cute) until friends are with us and other people are telling them how cute you are. 

This month has also had a lot of doctor's appointments for you.  You are still having some tummy troubles, so we went to a specialist.  She thinks you have reflux and has put you on some medication for it.  She also made you go for a test in the hospital.  Luckily, you did great during the test and we got a negative on the test, which is what we wanted.  I was very proud of you!  I was also thankful that 'Aunt' Courtney could meet us for it, because honestly I was a nervous wreck.

Waiting on the test at the hospital.

We also went back to the pediatrician for your four month check up.  You are right on target for your developmental milestones.  You are also still in the 10th percentile of growth all around.  You were 12lbs 13 oz and 24 inches long.  I can not believe it!  You have doubled your birth weight now and grown 6 inches since you were born.  You are still on the small side, perfect for who you are supposed to be, but seem so much bigger now.

You have also started to get a tiny bit of hair!  It is peach fuzz at this point, but it is coming in.  We are still not sure what color it is going to be.  Daddy and I guess about it everyday, but it is still a waiting game.  I love rubbing my cheeks across the top of your head and feeling it.  I have also enjoyed wetting it and then drying it to make the fuzz stand up.

Checking out the waves.

This month we went to the beach when a hurricane passed close to Florida.  This is one of the few times I like going to the beach since it isn't hot and bright.  You really enjoyed being outside and in the sea air.  You weren't so sure of the waves moving the sand out from under your feet though, and you got a little unhappy when it started to rain on us.

What is happening to the sand?

We went up to Grandma and Poppa's house this month.  You liked being there.  Poppa drove you around in the yellow jeep and you got to sit on Daddy's lap.  You LOVED that!  Poppa also took you wandering all around the property, and you got to see deer and squirrels.  I really think you are going to be an outdoorsy little boy.

Poppa also made you a sign to welcome you home.  He put it out on the big gate for you.  When we tried to get your picture with it it started raining, but we wanted the picture anyways!

While we were up in Tallahassee you also got to meet Grandma's best friend, Sandy.  She was really happy to finally meet you and not just see pictures of you from Grandma.

We also went to your first movie on the grass.  We went to see "Tangled" with Joy, Christine, and Brett.  You did so well!  You played on the grass and then just chilled while the movie was on.  You did take a cat nap for a little while, but then were back up in full motion.  It is starting to get harder to take a picture of you with your constant motion.

On Momma's t-shirt blanket.

In constant motion.

Finally, a moment of stillness. 

 We also helped our church celebrate 5 years this month.  That was fun!  They had a luncheon after the service and you played with the lei on the table.  You were so cute in your little overalls!


Baby toes.

You also got to "eat" at some fun places this month.  You are so well behaved in restaurants as long as you can see what is going on.  We met Grandma and Grandpa Peck for lunch one day and took your little chair and you sat on the table the whole time we ate and just had a blast. We also went downtown for dinner at Corona with Joy and Jason, then to The Dessert Lady with Joy one night. I forgot to take pictures!

Eating sushi!

Meeting Uncle Chad at Maui Teriyaki in Gainesville.

Playing trivia at BW3!

Daddy had a lot of fun with you this month.  I think he is enjoying having you so he can be a kid without looking too silly.  I love how much time he spends playing with you and just enjoying his little boy!

I am not sure who is enjoying the Tonka truck more.

You also had so many more adventures that I wish I had gotten pictures of, but sometimes life just happens around us.  We took you to see Illuminations at EPCOT one night.  We discovered how much you love fireworks.  You only fussed when they stopped and when it was totally over you were rather frustrated.  It cracked me up!  We have taken you to both Disney and Universal about once a week.  I think you have been to the theme parks more than almost any other baby. 

You are so much fun to have in our life!  I can't fathom having a different baby or you not being in our life.  I am enjoying making up songs to make you smile, and spending time playing with you.  You really are a pleasure and a treasure.

With lots and lots of love,