Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drew - Month 3 - On the Roll

Dear Drew,

You are three months old now.  I can not believe it. I am already starting to wonder where the time has gone.  You have amazed me this month.  You are "talking" all the time now, grabbing at things, and starting to teeth.  You still aren't the biggest fan of tummy time, but I know it is because you can't see much.  Though, when you are on your tummy you can lift your head and arch your back very well.  You have also rolled over by yourself a couple of times.  The last week or so all you have wanted to do is stand.  I can't believe you are already wanting to stand up.  You can't sit on your own yet, but you have decided to ignore sitting for now.  If I put you in a chair or a swing you get very disgruntled and want to be held or standing on something.  You seem to be hitting some of your developmental milestones ahead of the curve, and that always throws me for a loop.

Practicing grabbing onto things.
We have also noticed that you are very curious about everything, to the point of being nosey.  You want to see everything and check it out.  We have had to start carrying you outward facing in the sling because you grumble facing inwards unless you are sleepy.  It makes me happy to watch you check everything out and want to see it all.  I love watching you.

You have really started to "talk" to us. It cracks us up the way you respond sometimes, you seem to have a sense of humor already.  Between the humor and all your smiles, you are living up to your nickname of "cheeky monkey".  We have started trying to baby sign with you.  We know it is early, but you are trying to mimic us.  Besides, we figure mimicry will turn into actual signs at some point.

You are also changing physically.  You have started to get some hair on the top of your head.  It is still peach-fuzz but it is there.  It is so soft and I love rubbing your little head.  You like having your head washed in the tub now, too.  You have filled out more and are starting to look a little chunky.  We weighed you at home and you are almost up to 12 pounds, which keeps you right on track for being in the 10th percentile. 

You started off the month with some issues being in the car.  It made me very sad to hear you scream all the way home from things.  You were very unhappy, but then we figured out that swaddling you in your car seat really helped.  We also bought you your froggie.  That helped me be able to find your pacifier and give it back to you.  I think you like it.

Asleep with froggie.
You have started to grow into some different clothes.  I was sad to pack away some of your smaller ones, but I am enjoying finding new outfits for you.  You are so cute and the clothes just make you cuter!

Momma's Little Monkey.
Drew the Tool Man.
You have had a very full month this month, from traveling to birthday parties.  You have been such a wonderful little adventurer.  You have taken it all in stride.  We were worried you would be a fussy baby on our trip, but as long as someone was in the backseat to talk to you it was all good!

Great Grandma getting some snuggles.
We started the month off by heading to Grandma and Grandpa's for Daddy's birthday.  There you got lots of snuggles by Great Grandma.  You were even dressed in your Tonka outfit for Daddy's birthday. 

Drew in Momma's baby chair.
Then, Grandma and Poppa came down to see you.  They brought all kinds of fun things - a cameo outfit for you and the chair that I used to sit in when I was a baby.  You seemed a little unsure of it, but as long as you were sitting up you were happy.

Uncle Rey at 360.
We meet up with Uncle Rey to watch 360 at Universal as part of Daddy's birthday celebrations.  You did GREAT!  I wasn't sure how you would take the few loud booms, but you took them like a champ, and you liked looking at the pictures on the balls.

You got to meet Woody Woodpecker at Universal!  He is your first Universal character, even though you have been there more than you have been to Disney.  He was so excited about you!  He hopped down to the ground and patted his lap to be able to hold you.  We weren't expecting that because at Disney they can't hold babies, but at Universal they loved holding you.

For your biggest adventure we went to Asheville, NC.  We got to hang out with a lot of people on this trip.  Uncle Chad came with us, and that was a lot of fun.  We also got to see Aunt Ashley, Uncle Paul, Savannah, Aunt Amy, and your cousin Jenny.  I went to a conference and took you with me, while everyone else was just there to hang out.  It was a really fun weekend, but a very rushed one.  We plan on taking you back when you are bigger and can really enjoy everything.  On the way home we got to eat lunch with Uncle Chris and Aunt Rachael (another set of Daddy's old roommates).  I wish we had taken pictures, but we were starting to get antsy to get home.

At CNN where Uncle Paul works.
Hanging out with Aunt Amy.
Aunt Ashley, Savannah, Aunt Amy, Daddy, and Drew.
Family picture time!
Your first mountain experience.
At the Georgia Welcome Center on the way home.

You got to see our friends Jenn and Luke this month, too.  You went to Disney to help Luke celebrate his fourth birthday!  You really enjoyed all the Jenn snuggles and watching Luke.  You also got to watch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom.  Again, I was worried the booms would make you unhappy, but they didn't.  You clung to Daddy, but were really into watching them.  I am scared you are going to start thinking you are as big as he is.  We went to Downtown Disney with them, too.  You were getting hot and fussy by the end, but you loved being outside with them.

Hanging out at the hotel.
At Downtown Disney.

You also helped your friend Karis celebrate her first birthday!  It was your first kid birthday party. You had a lot of fun and got to see lots of friends.  You loved seeing all the people and the noises.  You are such a social little boy.

Karis and her cake.
Drew checking out Karis' cake.
Your friend Eloise.
You and your friend Ethan (and his dad Brian).
                     Getting a piggy-back ride from Daddy.
You are so much fun to have around, and you are such a good baby.  I am totally in love with you and I have enjoyed you so much this month.  You are changing in front of my very eyes and I am savoring every moment of who you are.  You are my little boy and such a blessing to me.  You still are not a very snuggly baby, but I happily take what snuggles you give and a few that I can steal.  You have such a distinct personality, and that makes me smile so often.  Thanks for being such a great traveling companion this month and for going on so many adventures with us. I love you bunches!