Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drew - Month 2

Dear Drew,

Wow!  You are two months old now.  You have changed so much over this last month!  It seems like you have come out of the "fourth trimester" already.  We weren't expecting this until later in month three, but you just seem to want to get on with things.  You are such a curious little boy.  You watch everything so intently and follow Momma and Daddy around with your eyes.

You have been working so hard on holding your head up already.  You have it mostly mastered unless you are really tired or just wanting to be snuggled.  We bought you a Bumbo chair this last week because you want to sit up already.  You aren't old enough to do it on your own, but you really love sitting in the chair.  It makes you look like a really big boy.  You behave like you are an older baby, and that makes me forget how little you still are sometimes.

You are content to do your own thing fairly often.  You will sit in your chair or in the baby bathtub (empty of course) and entertain yourself, but only if you can see me.  You like laying on the bed and watching the fan when I am getting ready in the morning.   We are working on giving you some alone time in the pack n' play in the afternoons, or putting you in the swing so I can get a few things done (like this blog post).  So far, so good... as long as I come when you start getting fussy.

You are really working on your hand-eye coordination.  You have started to bat at things - like your mobile on the swing.  You still haven't gotten it down yet, but you are very happy when you do make contact with them.  It is probably time to bring down your playmat with the hanging toys on it.

You have turned into a more snuggly little boy this month.  We bought a sling for you and you love being in it and snuggled up on someone.  You are so cute when you fall asleep in it and you will stay asleep for most of your nap time in it.  We are still struggling to get you to take your naps otherwise.  You don't want to miss anything so you really fight them.  You are getting a little better at sleeping at night, but we still have our up all night nights.

You have also outgrown a lot of things this month.  You no longer fit into any of the newborn clothes and there is a bunch of 0-3 month you have already outgrown.  You have already outgrown the diapers I made for you.  It was very sad to pack all those things away, but I am very thankful you are growing so well.  We have moved you into the gdiapers even though they are technically to big for you, but you are so long they seem to be fitting ok.  This next month you should be fitting them very well as much as you are growing.

We took you to the pediatrician for your two month check up.  You have gained 2 lbs and almost 2 inches.  Which puts you at 10 lbs and 22 inches.  You are tracking very steady in the 10% range.  The doctor was happy about that since that is the size range you were born in.  She joked that you were a very consistent baby.  We also talked about possible allergies you are having to some of the things I am eating.  She agreed with us and it does sound like you are allergic to my foods.  She also agreed with a lot of what the acupuncturist has been telling us about you, namely that you are a determined, stubborn, and rigid little boy.  Your Daddy and I agree with that assessment.  All in all, you are a perfectly healthy little guy.

If you thought last month was full of adventures, this month was even more adventurous.   We drove down to Tamarac, FL to meet the people of our bank and to check out the Ikea there.  We went up to Orange City, FL to visit Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.  You did pretty well on the long car trips, but short ones have been making you really fussy lately.  We figured it out - you can't see or touch anyone if we are not in the backseat with you. 

We went to Disney several times this month.  It was your first time riding on the monorail.  You really enjoyed looking out the windows.  You also had your first character breakfast at Disney.  Rey and Courtney went with us and we made t-shirts for it.  You were "Roo" from Winnie the Pooh.  The cast members thought that was funny since I was Kanga and was carrying you in the sling (aka "the pouch").

Everyone thought you were so cute.  The characters kept coming around to see you, and the hostess would sneak over and check your shirt out and then giggle as they left.  It was so much fun and you were very smiley with everyone (until you fell asleep).

We met up with Uncle Rey another day this month and went to Animal Kingdom.  You got to see the characters from Winnie the Pooh again.  They thought you were so cute that they gave us a "Magical Moment".  That was really special and we were so happy to get a picture of you and all the characters in one shot.

While we were at Animal Kingdom we took you over to "It's Tough to be a Bug."  We really wanted a picture of you in front of the sign wearing  your cute Bug outfit.  I know you will outgrow being our little Bug one day, but I am having so much fun with it right now.

This month you also got to go to your first "semi-formal" dinner party.  It was Joy's birthday.  You were so cute.  You stayed in the sling the whole time and slept through most of the party.  I was very proud of you!

You also got to play programmer with Daddy and Uncle Rey.  They were working on building a website and you decided that you really needed to help them.  It was very cute, even if they thought you were going to be the next E-trade baby.

You went to your first movie this month.  Daddy really wanted to go see the new Transformers movie.  That was a bit much for you.  You did really well, though. You were fairly content as long as you were in the sling.  I did have to walk around with you for some of it, but you didn't fuss.  It will probably be a long while before we take you to another action movie.

You also got a bath in the big bath tub this month.  You really enjoyed it and were very content to just hang out there.  Daddy was in the tub with you, and of course made you do some silly things.  I am very happy you are content in the water.  I was worried that after your first bath you would not like them at all, but just the opposite has happened.  You have even gotten in the shower with me a few times.

You also had a surprise visit from Grandma and Poppa this month.  They came down just to see you because Poppa couldn't handle being away from you for a whole month.  He decided that Skyping with you wasn't enough and he needed some Drew snuggles.

You have gotten a lot better at Skyping lately, too.  You have a longer attention span for seeing people, and we try to do it with both sets of grandparents fairly frequently.  You also got to talk to Aunt Ashley this month.  That was fun since she hadn't seen you since you were a tiny baby (other than pictures).

You are growing so fast and we are enjoying every minute of having you.  We are having fun watching you grow and start to see the world around you.  You are such a good baby and we love you so much! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's to Eat?

Food has been a very hot topic in our house lately.   Statements such as : "There is nothing I can eat." or "I am hungry, but I can't have anything we have."  Followed by blank and confused looks from AJ and then him trying to be very helpful and find me something to eat.  Why is food a problem, especially when we stocked the house and freezers with so much food?

Well, partially because we have eaten a lot of the freezer meals, and partially because it looks like Drew is allergic to a lot.  It looks like currently he is allergic to eggs, dairy, and wheat.   There goes my cereal addiction.  

The poor boy has been breaking out in some nasty rashes the last couple of weeks.  At first we thought it was baby acne, but then it spread to all over his body.  The spreading to the whole body, even his elbows and feet ruled out baby acne.  Next, we thought it was a heat rash.  So, we tried the keeping him cool with little clothes on and nice baths.  That helped a little bit, but not much.  Then we noticed the texture of the rash and it felt like sandpaper all over his face, head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, and elbows.  He had some that looked like acne, but most of them were fine grained and bumpy.  So, I started reading some of the articles on kellymom and started putting the pieces together. If you add the congestion, mucousy diarrhea, trouble sleeping, and the rash to the family history of allergies it starts to really look obvious.

So, we cut out the eggs immediately.  I am not a fan of eggs, but I had been eating them in the morning because they were quick and supposed to be good for both of us.  That helped a lot, as in the rash started lessening with in a couple of days.  We also cut out dairy, which is harder than I thought even though I have a mild allergy to milk myself - though I had no problems consuming large quantities while pregnant.  Now, we are working on getting all the gluten out of my diet.  This is proving to be very hard!  I don't want to give up gluten!  But, seeing the changes I have already seen by cutting out the other stuff, I know I have to cut it out.

With the foods being cut out we are seeing the rash going away slowly - it is only red when he is warm and the texture is fading, too.  His congestion is getting better and barely noticeable most of the time.  The sleep is getting better, too. I don't want to say to much and jinx myself.  His stools are still frustrating and I think that one has the most to do with the gluten.  It said it can take up to two weeks until all the bad things are out of my system, so I am hoping in the next couple of weeks we will see some big improvements.

With all these things being removed from my diet I have been a real grump about food.  Besides feeling like I am hungry all the time, I haven't known what to eat so I have been skipping a lot of meals lately.  This fact does not make AJ happy at all.  So, this weekend we set out to find somethings I can cook with and some foods I can eat.  We found egg substitutes (actually the same one AJ's family used when they were living in Peru), flour mix substitute, and decided to try using the almond milk I drink in cooking (we haven't officially tried this yet, though).  We also talked to the acupuncturist I have been seeing about food options, too.  After all of this I am starting to feel hopeful that I can make it through this.  It is going to be difficult and annoying, but doable. 

I will admit, I am still a bit nervous about how to eat when we decide to travel.  We have some adventures planned in the coming months, so I know I am going to have to deal with this.  I am just curious what it is going to look like.  Thankfully Whole Foods sells a lot of safe foods, so we can pack snacks and such.  If you know of any restaurants that are allergen friendly or travel foods that pack well, please let me know!

I know this restriction is something we have come up with and it seems to be helping, but we still plan on talking to Drew's pediatrician about all of it at his two month appointment.  I want to make sure he doesn't still have some kind of wonky stomach virus.  He is growing really well, so I don't think that is the problem, but I still want to be safe.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Smiles and A Belated Happy 4th of July