Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drew - Month 1- Adventures Abound

Dear Drew,

I can't believe you are a month old now.  It seems like the last month has just flown by.  You have changed so much from when we first brought you home.  You are still a tiny little boy, but you are growing.  We had you weighed and measured at the doctor's office and you had gained 2lbs and 2 inches.  Wow!  I would have never guessed you would have grown that much in the first month.  We have already had to pack away some of your newborn onesies because you have gotten too long for them.  It was mildly bittersweet to pack them away, I am glad you are growing big and strong, but I am sad that you aren't that little anymore.

We can see your personality developing already.  You are a very laid back baby.  You smile a bunch and have a dimple (only on one side), seeing you so smiley makes me smile.  You do get fussy, but generally only when you are hungry.  You tend to grunt a lot, especially when you are wiggling.  You wiggle A LOT - when you are awake, when you are asleep, and when you are being held.  This and your desire to scrunch up like an inch worm has earned you the nickname "Squirmy Wormy."  

You are a very strong little boy.  I joked while I was pregnant that you were trying to bust your way out when you would decide to kick or headbutt me, I now know you were developing all those strong muscles.  You so want to be able to hold your head up already and really fight to try to do it.  You are very strong when you arch your back and push with your arms or legs.  It just amazes me to watch you try and roll already.

You aren't much of a cuddler right now.  I think it is because you get warm and that makes you unhappy.  We had to stop putting you in long sleeves and wrapping you in blankets because you were getting overheated (even in the house).  You do like contact though, so I think you might evolve into a cuddler as we get your temperature zone figured out.

You have met family and friends, and they were all so excited to meet you.

Grandma & Poppa
"Aunt" Courtney
Grandma & Great Grandma
Great Grandpa & Grandpa

Aunt Ashley & Savannah
"Uncle" Chad

You also had several big adventures.  First, you went to Disney World.  We took you to Star Wars Weekends wearing your onesie that you share with your Aunt Stine's little girls.  That was so much fun!  You were so cute and Princess Leia loved you!  Rey and Courtney had a blast showing you off to the people they work with.  Then, we went over to EPCOT because we needed to buy something for Poppa.  That gave us a great chance to let you meet Donald Duck ( I think he is your Daddy's favorite).  Donald thought you were adorable and spent lots of time trying to get you to show of your cute dimple.  Finally, we got Rey to hold you with his giant Mickey gloves.  I don't think you knew what to make of that, but you were such a good sport about it.


You also got to go to Universal.  Chad was down and so we went with him.  It was really hot, so you and I hung out in the child swap rooms while the big boys rode roller-coasters.  That worked out pretty well because you weren't feeling so great, so I was very happy to snuggle and feed you.  We did take you to The Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter, though you slept through the whole thing.  When you are bigger we will get you your own cup of Butterbeer.

 You did have one very scary adventure this month.  We had to take you to the doctor for your fist sick visit, and that turned into a three day stay in the hospital.  You were running a fever, not eating, and just general ickiness.  Your doctor decided that because of all that you needed to stay in the hospital and get checked out since you are so little.  They did some pretty scary test on you and it made me cry, but I knew they were taking good care of you.  You were not happy about much of anything while we were in the hospital, but we all understood why.  Luckily, it turned out to be just a stomach virus, but you sure had me and Daddy scared. 

Because of the stomach virus and hospital stay you are starting off month 2 pretty slow.  You are sleeping a lot and wanting lots of cuddles.  I think you have also got your first cold because you have been congested since we got home from the hospital, but I know you will get over it soon.

You are an amazing baby and I am so very thankful for you.  I have loved having you this last month and I can't fathom going back to before you were here.  Even with all the bumps (the big one and even just the normal baby bumps) it has been wonderful.  You have won us over completely.