Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - Week 5 - Not Job!

Wow!  This challenge is going a lot faster than I thought.  I passed the 30 day point this last week, and it is neat to know that I am a third of the way through the Bible.  I am really glad to be out of the genealogy and histories from last week.  Though, this week we started Job.  I know this book serves a purpose, but I really don't like reading it.  I know a big part of that dislike is because it is in poetry form and that is not my favorite reading material.  So, I am going to press through it, but mildly grumble about it until I am done with it (how very Job-like). 

On a happy note - I read Esther!  I LOVE this book!!!!  It is one of my favorites and I was surprised it was in today's readings.  I wasn't really thinking when I saw I was supposed to read the end of Nehemiah into Job, and I just forgot this great book was tucked in there.  I even went back to check the reading list to make sure I was supposed to read it today.  Yay!

Reading Ester today makes me want to watch "One Night with the King" or "VeggieTales - Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen [VHS]" .  I have very happy memories of both these versions.  I am not sure why this book stands out so much to me, but it does.  I think some of it is just her faith to stand up for what is right against all odds, and I really want to emulate that characteristic.  I also love when her uncle gives her this response "And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14b)  It is a long the same lines as Spiderman's "With great power comes great responsibility."  Both of those lines are ones that echo deep in my heart.

I hope this week has been an enjoyable one for those who are keeping up with this challenge, and if you aren't a part of the 90 day challenge I still encourage you to jump in with us!  You can do it! You can find out more on Mom's Toolbox.

But, if you are looking for some other reading plan to dive into a make a habit of check out YouVersion.  My sister-in-law, Ashley, wrote about it here.  I looked at the plans for reading they have and there are a lot to chose from.  So, if you aren't doing a daily plan already, I really encourage you to check YouVersion out and pick a plan.  They have some that are only 30 days, so nothing to crazy intense.  Give it a whirl, you might be surprised what you discover!

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