Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clean House


One of my goals for this year is to really get on a schedule for cleaning the house.  I keep the house fairly clean (not necessarily as organized as I want,  but clean), but not in an organized fashion.  I want to get some routines really well established before Bug makes their debut.  I know when that happens it is going to get hectic and establishing new routines is going to be the last thing on my mind.

I have found a couple of challenges that are going around blogland that tackle cleaning.  One of them takes the month of January to get everything done and the other takes 14 weeks to get the whole house clean.  I like the idea of both, but I am leaning towards the 14 week plan.

CLEAN MAMA is hosting "January is Cleaning Month."  I am going to try to keep up with the daily task she has listed like the clutter, floors, laundry, and counters (dishes).  I am also going to try to hit some of the more specific task like vacuuming and meal planning on those days.  The rest seems a bit overwhelming to me.  I still have some areas that need to really be de-cluttered and organized before I start deep cleaning.

Organized Home is hosting "Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge".  This is the 14 week plan to get things cleaned and organized - including the garage.  I like the idea of having a whole week to tackle one area or room of the house, and if I finish an area early I can start extra de-cluttering and organizing in the next area.  

I know that neither of these is a long term solution, but they seem like good first steps.  I have tried to get back on Flylady, and honestly, I just can't get into it.  I don't have the motivation I need, and I am hoping something short term will help me jump start that.  If you want to join up, check out the site that sounds like it will work best for you, then let me know you are in.  I need all the encouragement and accountability possible on this!


Steph said...

thanks for the links, I started today I have tackled a few of my closets and drawers.

KC Branwyn said...

I am sure it has always changed so rapidly and we're just old enough to know it now. Some days I wish I wasn't!

I like your goals too, I am working on the decluttering/cleaning of our house too but it takes A LOT of work. I have so much stuff!!!

I hope we can also stay more in contact this year! I want to help you achieve your goals too, and I still really want to come to O-town for Harry Potter and Bento Shopping!

Miss you!

Molly said...

Steph : You are welcome! I love sharing links to people with great ideas! Congrats on hitting the closets!!! That is one of my worst areas.

Kelly : De-cluttering is so much more work than bringing new stuff into the house. I wish the getting rid of was as easy or as much fun.

We do need to stay in contact! You also need to come visit! Wait on HP until later in Jan or Feb though at earliest. Crowds are still nuts - went today, and ugh!!!