Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - Week 4 - My Brain Is Fried

This picture was borrowed from here.

The readings for this week have totally fried my brain!  It has been some history, but lots of genealogy type stuff.  The bad part is that it isn't an easy reading genealogy because it kept bouncing between Israel and Judah.  I wish I had been using my study Bible for this week because it has a really nice illustration of who was where during when.  I think it would have been an easier read had I had something to look back on, but I didn't figure that out until yesterday at church when I was flipping through my Bible.  

It bugs me that for almost an entire book a nice picture like the one above would have worked almost as well.  I do much better with pictures like this than a long running list.  I am still also mildly confused about how and why Israel and Judah are split in two.  That is something I plan on looking more into this week.  I think that might help my confusion some. 

This week starts with 1 Chronicles.  Today was actually worse because it was all genealogy, and as one person on twitter said, "I think I know more about Saul's family tree than my own."  This statement isn't 100% true considering my mom is really into family genealogy, but at the moment it sure feels like it.  I am hoping things pick up and this week doesn't make me want to stop reading.  It is hard to believe that this is the start of week 5 and I have made it this far.  I want to complete this challenge, but this week has really pushed that commitment.  As always, I am linking this back up to Mom's Toolbox


Jennifer said...

I had to click on when I read your title. I agree it is hard reading through the genealogies. I do agree with whoever said that bit about knowing more about Saul's family tree than mine. Yes, this far into it- we can finish! Funny, the ad on your blog is for

Molly said...

Jennifer - Thanks for stopping by! I know we can finish, I am just ready for some "stories" now. Know that was the ad cracks me up, sometimes Google gets it right!

Becca said...

You are so brave. I'm trying to finish the bible this year. :) Good luck with your journey. I'm sure you will learn a ton.

Ashley said...

I just started Numbers last night. I'll have to keep this chart bookmarked for when I get to all the geneologies! I must admit my eyes somewhat crossed reading all the laws so far.

Anonymous said...

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