Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - Week 1

This year I decided I was going to make it a priority to read the Bible from cover to cover.  I had seen this program floating around for a little while.  I had even printed out the readings and tried it for a couple of days last year.  I failed doing it that way.  This time, I am making it a commitment to myself every day to read. 

This last week I have been making the time every morning before I get on the internet.  I downloaded the Kindle app for PC, and I downloaded the ESV of the Bible.  Both are free and I really recommend them both.  I like this version of the Bible because it has a nice large print (my pocket Bible has tiny print) and it doesn't have a lot of distractions like my study Bible (I get really distracted reading the footnotes and extra information).  I plan on sticking to this method for this go-round.  Though I did see a great idea from Our Safe Haven.  She has a Bible just for Bible in 90 Days, and each time she reads through it she highlights things that stand out in different colors.  That sounds like a great way to be able to go back and see how different things strike me at different times.

The readings for this week have taken me from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Exodus.  It seems weird that in six days I have read that much.  I have been really inspired what I have been reading.  Reading like this is giving me a much better picture of how the stories and pieces and parts of everything are fitting together.  I like seeing how God has been in everything from the start and how he is setting the stage for things to come later.

I am really enjoying this challenge.  I needed this, a lot!  If you are interested in jumping in with the challenge you should!  There is still time to catch up and join in with Mom's Toolbox, or just start on day one of the readings and go from there (there are a couple of buffer days built into the end of the challenge that don't have assigned readings), to quote Flylady "You aren't behind, just jump in where you are."

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Poekitten said...

I agree, I was surprise to find that we had finished two books by the end of week one! The readings have had me thinking a lot more about God's word...always a good thing!

I came over from the week 2 check in @ mom's toolbox:)