Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Bug Update

We finally got the results of our anatomy scan aka "20 week ultrasound" a couple of weeks ago.  We knew that Bug was being difficult for it and not helping the technician out, but we didn't know that could cause problems.  It did.  We have to go back this week and repeat the scan because Bug had a couple of "funny" measurements.  

The heart measurement they could only get one set of numbers and they really want all three just to be safe because the one was a little "off".  They also need to go back and remeasure the renal area (kidneys, urethra, and the rest of the urinary track) because those measurements looked "funny".  The doctor isn't worried about either of these two situations.  He said that if Bug wasn't moving it was normal to get some off measurements for the heart, and for the renal area if Bug was squishing them that will lead to some weirdness, too.  He did say that if the renal area comes back odd again their might be a problem, but nothing we will have to deal with until Bug is born.  

I am ok with all of this.  The doctor didn't seemed to concerned and he gave us a couple of other good reasons that the renal area might be the way it is, and he wasn't even phased at all about the heart measurement.  I am trusting everything is ok with our little Bug.  I am also hoping that Bug is in a wiggly phase for this ultrasound, or at least not spine up/ face down under my belly button.  I want the technician to be able to get all the measurements and them to be totally perfect!

This might also be our next best chance to find out what Bug really is.  We still have our ideas about the matter, but it would be nice to be proven right or wrong.  I really want to pick up some cute baby stuff while it is on clearance (shopping for next year's outfits :D ), but that is hard not knowing.  We are still sticking by our "if it is easy to tell rule".  Even though I want to have confirmation at this point, I am willing to allow Bug to determine if we know or not - to some degree.

I am feeling Bug move a lot more, but it is still in phases.  There isn't a routine or pattern to it yet, but I have figured out Bug really doesn't like being squished.  Car rides are the worst!  I think Bug is still vertical under my belly button and sitting upright in the car makes him uncomfortable because that is when I get the most movement.  I will get some movement after eating, but not always, and I don't think caffeine phases this kid.  AJ keeps trying to feel the movement, but it is still to early for that. 

I had to use the hair tie trick this weekend on a pair of jeans.  It was the first out of town trip I hadn't thrown in the maternity pants "just in case", and of course it was the weekend I would have liked to have had them.  I only had my pair of jeans that are normally a little tighter than the other pair.  It was fairly uncomfortable until I unbuttoned them and added the hair tie.  I didn't think 1/4 inch would make that big of a difference, but it did!

I am feeling better overall in the pregnancy.  It is just odd to me that it took hitting week 24 to finally feel that way.  It is also odd to think that I am this far in and by this point in May, Bug could be here.  Hopefully, we will have a May Bug and not a June Bug (the thought of having a June Bug cracks me up), or we could have an April Bug if this little one follows in mine and AJ's footsteps and decides to come early.  I will admit I am ready for Bug to be here, and not for any reason other than I can't wait to meet this little person.

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Ashley said...

I hope Bug is 100% healthy!! :-) And cooperates. When is your next ultrasound?

I totally thought Savannah would be a September baby (due date was Aug 29, so it was likely) because all three of us were late. I was actually surprised when I went into labor a week early! I wonder how much genetics play into that. I also have 2 friends who went early with their first kid, only to go late with the next. So hopefully whenever we have another I'm not too anxious if that baby is late. :-)

I'm excited to meet Bug too! I was telling Paul that we need to tentatively plan a trip to FL in May or June. We'll have to see what your recovery is like - I don't want to overwhelm you!