Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals vs. Resolutions

I have spent the last couple of days pondering the difference between a goal and a resolution.  It is a strange thing to ponder, but I think knowing the difference helps me to establish what I want to set for myself this year. 

Merriam-webster defines a resolution as : a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent voted by an official body or assembled group.  A goal is : the end toward which effort is directed

I am not good with resolutions.  I never stick to them because there never seems to be an end, and going by the definition it is just an expression of opinion. I like the idea of goals.  I am stating the end point where I want to be.  I looked through my goals that I set for myself last year.  I accomplished some, but not all, but I completed something.  

I am excited to have goals for this upcoming year.  I know that I won't accomplish them all, but if I don't set my threshold high, then I won't strive for any of them.  I am going to actually print out my goals this year and post them so that I can make sure to work through the list.  I think that is partially why I didn't complete so many from last year.

My Household Project Goals:

Paint the laundry room.
Finish building out the closet - need AJ's help.
Re-organize the closet once it is fixed.
Re-organize my playroom.
Move sewing supplies.
Re-organize bookcases.
Re-organize storage in the closet.
Move house decorations to garage.
Move office supplies to ?.
Make curtains.
Make new cushion for window seat.
Plant a garden for Spring.
Make a household notebook.
Finish de-cluttering the house and garage.

My Lifestyle Goals:

Read the Bible in 90 days.
Update my blog more.
Line dry as much of laundry as possible.
Make meal plan weekly.
Keep track of food stores - pantry and freezer inventories.
Buy only organic animal products.
Buy organic and in season top 10 bad produce.
Bake more often.
Bulk cook and freeze meals.
Get on a schedule for keeping the house clean and running errands.
Wash and change sheets weekly.
Learn to sew well.
Pick one new project a week and finish it.
Find more ways to make us self sufficient.
Find everyday ways to get more exercise.
Take time to stretch out muscles and joints every day.
Find new ways to use things that we normally throw away.
Take our re-usable bags with us into every store.

My Baby Bug Goals:

Take my vitamins regularly.
Make cloth diapers.
Make burp cloths.
Make nursing cover.
Make some maternity aprons.
Find some good ideas for screen printing outfits.
Get registry figured out.

There are some of these goals that I plan on blogging about more.  Especially the Bible in 90 days challenge.  If you want to sign up or just learn more check out Mom's Toolbox.   I did figure out last year that when I am holding myself accountable on my blog about things I do much better with them, as in the weight loss.  So, hopefully, I will be better at setting specific times to actually do things. 

I also plan on throwing the weight loss back on to the lifestyle goals after May.  I haven't gained much of anything so far with Bug, but I still have a long way to go to get to the healthy weight I want to be at.  It feels weird to be starting the new year not worrying about losing weight. 

What are some of your goals?  What methods are you employing to accomplish them?


Anonymous said...

I'm setting up a cleaning schedule for the house as well! One room a day all week. Then for 15 minutes a day, I'm going to do dishes or cleanup whatever litter has accumulated on the counter or kitchen table. Hopefully this will help keep the house cleaner... I HATE doing dishes (no dishwasher) so I put it off so long that it takes me forever to do them. :P

Also, in case you're doing all sortsa sizes for Bug's screen printing... Leave off on three 9-12 month onesies. You know, just a thought. No reason at all. These are not the Onesies you're looking for. *flees*

Molly said...

I totally agree - I am anti-dishes! Even with the dishwasher I hate them... I hate touching dirty dishes.

I have a post about what I am planning on doing for the cleaning side of things. I think you might find it helpful. :)

I will skip some of the 9-12 month ones. :D

Steph said...

I found your blog via google images, and linked to you on my post! I do much better with goals myself.

Molly said...

Hi Steph!

Great to have you!