Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Little Bug Is Stubborn.

We went for the anatomy scan this week.  Bug is still being a stubborn little thing and not exactly cooperating.  Bug was laying spine up right under my belly button.  This posed an interesting challenge for the tech trying to measure all the things that the doctor wants to know about.  We couldn't get any help from Bug at all to roll over.  The tech wiggled my belly and had me roll onto my side to try to get the measurements, and then she went and got another tech with more experience to try to get the measurements.  I am starting to think that Bug is camera shy, or just really really stubborn.

After an hour of trying, the tech finally got at least one of all of the measurements she needed (they normally want three to take the average).  Everything looks right on track and Bug is measuring 20 weeks.  We had been promised some good pictures from this ultrasound and even a CD of them (not just the print outs), but since Bug was having nothing to do with it we barely got a good profile picture.  The tech even turned on the 3D for us, but that didn't con Bug into pictures.

The coolest part (and most painful) was when they were doing the internal scan to check my cervix.  You could see this little foot hanging around really close to the cervix on the screen.  Then the tech pushed on my stomach to simulate gravity to check to make sure the cervix wasn't opening (I have been having a lot of pain and throbbing there, so they were making sure everything was ok).  Well, we found out what that throbbing is... Bug kicked my cervix when she pushed on my stomach. Good grief this baby has some strong little legs already.  I thought that little foot was going to come out of me!  Apparently, Bug doesn't like being pressed on!  Even though it HURT I am glad to know that it is Bug causing the pain down there and nothing is wrong.  It was also really amazing to see Bug react to something.  It was also nice figuring out what was causing the throbbing, and now I am learning that Bug doesn't like me in certain positions and will kick my cervix more when I am sitting like that.

Now, for the answer to what people are wondering... We didn't find out what Bug was.  AJ and I had decided that if it was easy to figure it out for the tech then we would, but if they had to fight to get a picture or there wasn't a clear answer we weren't going to push it.  The tech took a while to get a picture because Bug being difficult, then she wasn't really sure, and then she went to show the picture to someone else.  They decided that they were only about 90% sure.  We decided that because that was more than an easy answer we were going to hold off.  The tech did put it in our file what the guess was.  So, we can either call later and find out what the guess was, or wait until another ultrasound when Bug might be in better position.  We did find out that it should get easier to tell as Bug gets bigger.  

We are totally ok with this outcome.  We found out that Bug is healthy, right on track, and already has a personality that we can relate to. 


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Aw, what a stinker! But the stinkers are the cutest, trust me. :-) and it may actually be harder to find out later as Bug gets bigger and starts curling up more. Just a warning! Glad everything measured well!

Molly said...

Beth : I can't wait to meet this little stinker! It already has so much personality that it cracks me up. I figure if Bug keeps being difficult than he/she just wants to surprise us (not sure what that means for us later on :D)