Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decluttering Update 2

It has been almost a week since the last update.  I have made some more progress.  AJ and I tackled the closet and the drawers in the guest room and the guest bathroom.  We weeded out board games that were in storage.  We still need to go through the clothes that are stored under the bed, but we tackled that project earlier this year and I am not sure I want to do that again this month.  We have a lot of my different size clothes stored under there, and I have to admit - I still have it as a goal to get back into most of what is stored of mine.  The other stuff that is stored is winter stuff, which WHY THE HECK am I breaking that out in early December?  I don't think we can purge much more of the winter stuff because we really don't have that much and the few jackets and sweatshirts are occasionally needed.

I also cleaned out our "poof" aka the storage ottoman that we use as the coffee table.  I am always amazed at how much random stuff accumulates in this thing.  It had everything from extra curtains to a networking box and cables (AJ's) stored in it.  Well, now it has more of what it is supposed to have - blankets, pillows, puzzles, and AJ's network box in it.  This isn't something that is visible to anyone else, but it made me feel a lot better to have it cleaned out.

Updated List 

15. Halloween soap dispenser - trash
16. Duck decorations that were broken - trash
17. Air filter - trash
18. Board games (3) - donated
22. Stuffed animal - donated
23. Princess lunch box - donated
24. Vintage clothes (4 outfits) - donated
29. Box of trash
30. Small box of trash
31. Destroyed pair of jeans - trashed

I have noticed that we don't have as much "stuff" that needs to be gotten rid of as I thought we did, but papers are a real big problem.  I am having to keep myself from counting all the sheets of paper because it is overwhelming.  We are both paper pack-rats, and I keep finding random piles that aren't anything useful, but for some reason we saved them.  There are lots of print-outs that I know if I really needed that information I could look it up again.  There is at least progress going on here!  I have also managed to put a lot of things where they go, and that makes the house feel cleaner overall, too.

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