Friday, December 3, 2010

Decluttering Update 1

I have been trying to work on the decluttering, but I haven't spent much time at home these last three days.  I have been out of the house all day, all three days.  This means that by the time I have finally gotten home I haven't wanted to tackle this cleaning thing.  I have been trying to at least make a dent in things though.

So far, I have managed to throw away a whole trash bag full of papers and paper things.  I will admit, some of it has just been the junk mail, but at least it hasn't made it into the house.  AJ sold one of the items that we had on craigslist - YAY!!! And, today I returned some of the things we had borrowed from AJ's parents.  Those things made a dent in our garage decluttering.

Current List:

1. Paint Sprayer - sold
2. Car ramps - returned
3. Book - returned
4. Paperwork - returned
5. Bag of plastic bags - trashed
6. Trash bag full of paperwork - trashed
7. Box of old paperwork - burned
8. Old cell phones and chargers (6) - donated

At this pace I am a little nervous about hitting my minimum goal of 330.  I know if I counted every item I would be closer, especially if every piece of paper counted.  I am hoping that next week when I am not as crazy run around busy I will get that number up higher through actual items.  Here is hoping!

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