Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary

(Please pardon the cruddy cell phone pic, AJ surprised me and I didn't have my good camera.)

Last week AJ and I celebrated our three year anniversary.  As far as I knew we didn't have anything major planned, just being together.  Well, AJ had a different idea.  He planned some fun surprises for me.  We went to Universal (this continues our tradition of Universal for our honeymoon and anniversaries) to check out an attraction that they just re-opened after being closed for about six years.  The attraction was "Triceratops Encounter" in Jurassic Park, which is something he and I are both mildly obsessed with.  AJ had never seen it, and that made it a fun start to the night.

We had talked about going out to dinner after Universal, so we headed to BJ's Brewhouse.  I found out later that AJ had gone to the restaurant and made reservations.  This is fairly atypical AJ behavior so I was surprised.  We ordered our food, and then the waitress brought out a vase of flowers.  I was really surprised.  We had a great dinner and just enjoyed being together.

After dinner, AJ mentioned to the waitress that he had dropped something else off earlier with the flowers.  I am really confused at this point, and the waitress was too.  I could see her running around the kitchen area looking in all the fridges and freezers.  The next thing I know she has brought out a very familiar tinfoil lump.  I break out in hysterical laughter.

The tinfoil lump is the top of our wedding cake.  We have moved this piece of cake three times in the last three years.  It had almost become a staple in our deep freezer.  Well, AJ decided it was time to finally eat the cake.  We did.  Beth and Betty had done a amazing job of wrapping this cake up for us (I am still very thankful for all the wonderful people who helped pull our wedding off and made it such a wonderful day for us.)  The frosting was pretty bad tasting, but the cake still tasted like Publix cake - yum!  It was a little off, but we still ate some of it. 

I am very thankful for such an awesome husband, and all the blessings he brings into my life.  I can't wait to see what the next phase of life brings us!

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SK said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary! Wishing you many many more!