Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Little Bug Is Stubborn.

We went for the anatomy scan this week.  Bug is still being a stubborn little thing and not exactly cooperating.  Bug was laying spine up right under my belly button.  This posed an interesting challenge for the tech trying to measure all the things that the doctor wants to know about.  We couldn't get any help from Bug at all to roll over.  The tech wiggled my belly and had me roll onto my side to try to get the measurements, and then she went and got another tech with more experience to try to get the measurements.  I am starting to think that Bug is camera shy, or just really really stubborn.

After an hour of trying, the tech finally got at least one of all of the measurements she needed (they normally want three to take the average).  Everything looks right on track and Bug is measuring 20 weeks.  We had been promised some good pictures from this ultrasound and even a CD of them (not just the print outs), but since Bug was having nothing to do with it we barely got a good profile picture.  The tech even turned on the 3D for us, but that didn't con Bug into pictures.

The coolest part (and most painful) was when they were doing the internal scan to check my cervix.  You could see this little foot hanging around really close to the cervix on the screen.  Then the tech pushed on my stomach to simulate gravity to check to make sure the cervix wasn't opening (I have been having a lot of pain and throbbing there, so they were making sure everything was ok).  Well, we found out what that throbbing is... Bug kicked my cervix when she pushed on my stomach. Good grief this baby has some strong little legs already.  I thought that little foot was going to come out of me!  Apparently, Bug doesn't like being pressed on!  Even though it HURT I am glad to know that it is Bug causing the pain down there and nothing is wrong.  It was also really amazing to see Bug react to something.  It was also nice figuring out what was causing the throbbing, and now I am learning that Bug doesn't like me in certain positions and will kick my cervix more when I am sitting like that.

Now, for the answer to what people are wondering... We didn't find out what Bug was.  AJ and I had decided that if it was easy to figure it out for the tech then we would, but if they had to fight to get a picture or there wasn't a clear answer we weren't going to push it.  The tech took a while to get a picture because Bug being difficult, then she wasn't really sure, and then she went to show the picture to someone else.  They decided that they were only about 90% sure.  We decided that because that was more than an easy answer we were going to hold off.  The tech did put it in our file what the guess was.  So, we can either call later and find out what the guess was, or wait until another ultrasound when Bug might be in better position.  We did find out that it should get easier to tell as Bug gets bigger.  

We are totally ok with this outcome.  We found out that Bug is healthy, right on track, and already has a personality that we can relate to. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 
May today be a wonderful day for you and your family!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Bugging Question

 (This is NOT Bug. But, hopefully, Bug will cooperate for this next ultrasound.)

Next week I am scheduled to go Bug's anatomy scan.  This is a fairly important ultrasound for a lot of reasons.  They check to make sure that everything is developing right, that Bug is right on track, and they will give us an "official" due date (we plan on ignoring this totally, because Bug will determine when they are ready to come out).  This is also the ultrasound that they typically tell you the sex of the baby.

This is what is causing some major issues for us.  We are so torn about finding out what sex Bug is.  AJ is in the camp to wait until Bug is born, and I keep wavering back and forth.  I would love to be surprised, but I would also like to know for a couple of reasons. 

I would love to be able to buy some things that are more specific than what I have been picking up.  I would like to have some cute newborn outfits for Bug that aren't yellow or green... I am not sure I am willing to admit I would want to have pink outfits (I am not a real pink person), but purple or something would be nice.

Also, I haven't been as excited about this pregnancy as I want to be.  I have been really clinical about a lot of it.  It has been easier to ignore the whole situation because it doesn't seem real or like a person.  A lot of that has to do with the fact that right now Bug is nothing but a statistic - so many heart beats per minute, so many inches, so many weeks, and so many numbers.  These make it really hard for me to relate to Bug being a person, I almost feel like I need a lab notebook to track Bug instead of a baby book.  Combine this with the fact that I have been fairly sick and it hasn't been an excitingly positive thing so far.

Please don't take my lack of overt excitement as a sign I don't want to be pregnant and that I am not grateful or anything.  I am just not good at dealing with being sick or waiting.  I wish Bug was already here - healthy and happy.  I do much better when things are actually here and not still abstract concepts in my tummy.

So, I guess all this is to say, what would you do?  If you found out what you were having, then why did you do it?  If you didn't find out, why not?  I am looking for some good reasons other than it makes it easier for other people. 

I will say, even if we find out I am not sure we are going to tell anyone until later on in the pregnancy... maybe 30 weeks or so.  We have been referring to Bug as a gender neutral "he" for our own sake.  This doesn't mean we are hoping anymore for a boy or a girl, we just didn't like saying "it."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary

(Please pardon the cruddy cell phone pic, AJ surprised me and I didn't have my good camera.)

Last week AJ and I celebrated our three year anniversary.  As far as I knew we didn't have anything major planned, just being together.  Well, AJ had a different idea.  He planned some fun surprises for me.  We went to Universal (this continues our tradition of Universal for our honeymoon and anniversaries) to check out an attraction that they just re-opened after being closed for about six years.  The attraction was "Triceratops Encounter" in Jurassic Park, which is something he and I are both mildly obsessed with.  AJ had never seen it, and that made it a fun start to the night.

We had talked about going out to dinner after Universal, so we headed to BJ's Brewhouse.  I found out later that AJ had gone to the restaurant and made reservations.  This is fairly atypical AJ behavior so I was surprised.  We ordered our food, and then the waitress brought out a vase of flowers.  I was really surprised.  We had a great dinner and just enjoyed being together.

After dinner, AJ mentioned to the waitress that he had dropped something else off earlier with the flowers.  I am really confused at this point, and the waitress was too.  I could see her running around the kitchen area looking in all the fridges and freezers.  The next thing I know she has brought out a very familiar tinfoil lump.  I break out in hysterical laughter.

The tinfoil lump is the top of our wedding cake.  We have moved this piece of cake three times in the last three years.  It had almost become a staple in our deep freezer.  Well, AJ decided it was time to finally eat the cake.  We did.  Beth and Betty had done a amazing job of wrapping this cake up for us (I am still very thankful for all the wonderful people who helped pull our wedding off and made it such a wonderful day for us.)  The frosting was pretty bad tasting, but the cake still tasted like Publix cake - yum!  It was a little off, but we still ate some of it. 

I am very thankful for such an awesome husband, and all the blessings he brings into my life.  I can't wait to see what the next phase of life brings us!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decluttering Update 2

It has been almost a week since the last update.  I have made some more progress.  AJ and I tackled the closet and the drawers in the guest room and the guest bathroom.  We weeded out board games that were in storage.  We still need to go through the clothes that are stored under the bed, but we tackled that project earlier this year and I am not sure I want to do that again this month.  We have a lot of my different size clothes stored under there, and I have to admit - I still have it as a goal to get back into most of what is stored of mine.  The other stuff that is stored is winter stuff, which WHY THE HECK am I breaking that out in early December?  I don't think we can purge much more of the winter stuff because we really don't have that much and the few jackets and sweatshirts are occasionally needed.

I also cleaned out our "poof" aka the storage ottoman that we use as the coffee table.  I am always amazed at how much random stuff accumulates in this thing.  It had everything from extra curtains to a networking box and cables (AJ's) stored in it.  Well, now it has more of what it is supposed to have - blankets, pillows, puzzles, and AJ's network box in it.  This isn't something that is visible to anyone else, but it made me feel a lot better to have it cleaned out.

Updated List 

15. Halloween soap dispenser - trash
16. Duck decorations that were broken - trash
17. Air filter - trash
18. Board games (3) - donated
22. Stuffed animal - donated
23. Princess lunch box - donated
24. Vintage clothes (4 outfits) - donated
29. Box of trash
30. Small box of trash
31. Destroyed pair of jeans - trashed

I have noticed that we don't have as much "stuff" that needs to be gotten rid of as I thought we did, but papers are a real big problem.  I am having to keep myself from counting all the sheets of paper because it is overwhelming.  We are both paper pack-rats, and I keep finding random piles that aren't anything useful, but for some reason we saved them.  There are lots of print-outs that I know if I really needed that information I could look it up again.  There is at least progress going on here!  I have also managed to put a lot of things where they go, and that makes the house feel cleaner overall, too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Decluttering Update 1

I have been trying to work on the decluttering, but I haven't spent much time at home these last three days.  I have been out of the house all day, all three days.  This means that by the time I have finally gotten home I haven't wanted to tackle this cleaning thing.  I have been trying to at least make a dent in things though.

So far, I have managed to throw away a whole trash bag full of papers and paper things.  I will admit, some of it has just been the junk mail, but at least it hasn't made it into the house.  AJ sold one of the items that we had on craigslist - YAY!!! And, today I returned some of the things we had borrowed from AJ's parents.  Those things made a dent in our garage decluttering.

Current List:

1. Paint Sprayer - sold
2. Car ramps - returned
3. Book - returned
4. Paperwork - returned
5. Bag of plastic bags - trashed
6. Trash bag full of paperwork - trashed
7. Box of old paperwork - burned
8. Old cell phones and chargers (6) - donated

At this pace I am a little nervous about hitting my minimum goal of 330.  I know if I counted every item I would be closer, especially if every piece of paper counted.  I am hoping that next week when I am not as crazy run around busy I will get that number up higher through actual items.  Here is hoping!