Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joining "The Big Declutter of 2010"

My sister-in-law is challenging people to do a big declutter project before the end of the year.  I so need to get in on this bandwagon.  I have been trying to follow Flylady these last two weeks since I stopped working, but Bug has a different opinion of how I should be spending my days - namely in the bathroom or in bed.  

But, I know come next year we are going to be bring a bunch of new stuff into our house to get ready for said little Bug.  I want to have the house in a much more orderly situation before that happens.  I also really want to get my playroom (craft room) organized so that I can really get in there and work on some major projects.

I am not following all the same rules that Ashley is, but similar ones.  I am counting paper items toward my count totals, but I am not sure if a stack will count as one item or each piece as an item.  I think I am setting my number at 420 items.  This is 15 items a day (the 15 item Fling Boogie from Flylady) that we plan on being home during the full month of December.  I might adjust this number to not include weekends which would  put the count at 330 items.  This seems like a lot especially since I have been working on throwing things out for the last month or so, but I am determined to get close to this number.  We have stuff out in the garage that still needs to go, clothes that need to be tossed, and lots of just stuff that doesn't mean anything to me, while having the space means a lot more.

My goal is to get rid of at least 15 things a day and post a picture of them (or at least a list).  This will hopefully serve a couple of purposes - to clear out stuff and to get me back in the habit of posting more frequently.  I will admit, there will probably be at least a day delay because well, life gets busy sometimes.  I am also apologizing up front - if you see something that you gave us as a present and it is going out the door, then know that it is going to a home that will love it.  We are grateful for things, but I will be the first to admit, sometimes things just don't fill the need that we have at that time.  And right now, I need the things in our home to be filling a need or something we love beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Let me know if you are going to participate, too.  I would love to know other people who are doing this.  I always find encouragement in sharing challenges like this with others!

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