Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Fever

I am having this crazy craving to decorate for Christmas.  This is a very unusual feeling for me because I am such a "Fall Baby".  Normally, I don't want anything to do with Christmas before my birthday is over (around Thanksgiving).  This year is totally the opposite.  I can't fathom waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate.  I have been looking at Christmas decorations since the start of October. 

I wanted to just skip the Fall decorations this year and jump straight into Christmas decorations.  I am thinking it has something to do with the bright colors.  I plan on using red, white, grey, and black for Christmas this year.  I have been really inspired by the Scandinavian style of Christmas decorations.  I found an article in a Better Homes & Garden from last year that showed how nice this style looks.  Which works out well because last year my mom bought a lot of decorations from IKEA.  She gave them to me after Christmas because I liked the way they looked.  This helps me not have to go buy a lot this year.  There are some things I want to pick up from IKEA though.  

I want to get these extra things from Ikea:


 Cute little elf ornaments

Grass Goats

I also have a lot of little things I want to make.  

An advent calendar and cute little stars that I found at Allsorts:

I also want to try making a couple of little totems that I found at MamaRoots:

Aren't they cute? I am so looking forward to getting the house decorated with these cute little things.  I also have some fund stuff I picked up from Target last year that was in their "Woodland Chalet" collection.  I was scared that I wouldn't get to pick up anymore of those items again this year because Target has the habit of not repeating themes, but I was in the store a couple of days ago and it at least looks hopeful that they might have some stuff.  They had some tablecloths labeled  "Woodland Chalet".  That would be nice because I would really like to get a tablecloth and a runner for our buffet.  I am also mildly tempted to recover the dining room chairs again for Christmas.  IKEA has some great winter themed fabric for "cheap" at $4.99 a yard.

I am also fighting the urge to make cookies.  There are several reasons behind this - one is I am not much of a baker and two I can't stand being around food right now.  I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks things will get better and I will be able to make some cookies. 

I really am suffering from Christmas fever.  I hope it at least calms down soon, or we might be skipping the pumpkin dishes at Thanksgiving and skipping straight into stringing popcorn garlands for the stairwell.


Ashley said...

I'm feeling the same way! Last year I didn't decorate at all except for a tree because of the new baby and the fact we had JUST moved. So this year I am already perusing the Christmas section in stores, thinking of Christmas cards, etc. Ah!!

Amy Van-Mod said...

Love the little ornaments in the second picture down! So cute :)