Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - Making Bento (again)

I have been trying to get back into making bentos again.  I wasn't having much luck, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get myself back into it.  Then, I had a friend who's family is stationed in Japan send me a new bento box.  Well, apparently, that was the motivation I needed. 

I have been scouring cookbooks lately, especially Japanese ones.  I found a couple of new bento cookbooks that I would love to have.  They are supposed to be really good on helping create cute (kawaii) bentos.  I have even gone back and watched the "Good Eats" episodes on sushi and Japanese pantry items.

This bento isn't really cute, but it was a good first start.  I made some really good rice (meshi), which I will say, I had forgotten how long of a process it is (about 30-45 minutes).   I mixed the rice with cream cheese and cooked salmon to make rice balls (onigiri). I made smaller rice balls, and put smoked salmon on top. I was trying to replicate the nigiri style with raw salmon (but since I didn't have that I used smoked).  Then I sliced up some avocado.  I really like the color contrast going on against the black box background.  This isn't a very "full" bento and it is lacking vegetables (so is our house), but since I am not eating a lot lately it was actually too much food.  I ate one half of the box, which was a bit more than I was expecting.  

I am hoping that this is a good start to making bentos again.  I pulled out all of my supplies and boxes and I am feeling really excited about making them.  I even found a weekly meal planning sheet that is specifically designed to help build a bento for lunch.


StasiaBirdKnits said...

would you mind posting a link to the meal planing sheet or e-mailing it to me? kawaii or not definitely looks tasty. I'm craving onigiri now...

Molly said...

Here you go:

It was really yummy. I need to work on getting some more food supplies before I tackle a real bento again. I have LOTS of hardware, but no yummy software.