Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - Making Bento (again)

I have been trying to get back into making bentos again.  I wasn't having much luck, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get myself back into it.  Then, I had a friend who's family is stationed in Japan send me a new bento box.  Well, apparently, that was the motivation I needed. 

I have been scouring cookbooks lately, especially Japanese ones.  I found a couple of new bento cookbooks that I would love to have.  They are supposed to be really good on helping create cute (kawaii) bentos.  I have even gone back and watched the "Good Eats" episodes on sushi and Japanese pantry items.

This bento isn't really cute, but it was a good first start.  I made some really good rice (meshi), which I will say, I had forgotten how long of a process it is (about 30-45 minutes).   I mixed the rice with cream cheese and cooked salmon to make rice balls (onigiri). I made smaller rice balls, and put smoked salmon on top. I was trying to replicate the nigiri style with raw salmon (but since I didn't have that I used smoked).  Then I sliced up some avocado.  I really like the color contrast going on against the black box background.  This isn't a very "full" bento and it is lacking vegetables (so is our house), but since I am not eating a lot lately it was actually too much food.  I ate one half of the box, which was a bit more than I was expecting.  

I am hoping that this is a good start to making bentos again.  I pulled out all of my supplies and boxes and I am feeling really excited about making them.  I even found a weekly meal planning sheet that is specifically designed to help build a bento for lunch.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - Jack

We have been watching a friend's dog for a couple of days while they are out of town.  His name is Jack and he is a Shih Tzu.  He is the sweetest puppy I have ever seen.  He is really calm and very lovable.  

 He made himself right at home on our Gator blanket.  AJ thought this was funny since his parents aren't Gators.

Jack sleeps a lot!

Jack is such a sweet puppy.  We have really enjoyed having him for a couple of days.  I know we are going to have a really really really hard time giving him back.  It has also been nice to be around a puppy that doesn't shed or make me sneeze occasionally.  I don't know if we are ready to have a full time puppy of our own, but this has been a good experience for us both.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - A Whirly Bird


Today there was a helicopter that decided to sit over my house for a couple of hours.  It was interesting to start with, but then it got annoying.  It was circling over our house, and it was getting really loud.

I didn't realize until I started looking at the pictures that it was a news chopper.   I knew it wasn't a police chopper because it didn't have the really big search lights on it, but I couldn't see much detail otherwise. 

I guess I really should at least look at the news to see what was going on.  It is a local news channel for Orlando, but I can't think of anything that would be going on at the intersection by our house it was directly over.  They would hold steady for a while there, and then start circling over our house.  There weren't any cops or anything at that intersection.  If I ever find out what it was I will post it.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - The Florida Gators

This Saturday AJ and I got to attend the season opener for the Florida Gators.  It was really hot!  The game was ok, but we did have a good time.  AJ got tickets from his boss and we drove up Saturday morning for a noon game.  It wasn't the ideal situation, but we made it just after kick-off.  I think we would have made kick-off if I could walk faster. 

There were 90, 178 people in attendance of the game.  That is a lot of people!

The Boys of Old Florida!

I managed to get a decent picture of  Urban Meyer! 

I love the way this picture came out.  I was playing with the settings on my camera when there was a tv time-out or something.  I did the color focus on the field and I think it came out really well. 

We had a great time at the game.  I wish we had had longer to see people up in Gainesville, though.  It never seems like we have enough time to see all the people that we want to visit with.  I know that we are going to go back, but it still makes me sad not to see everyone that we want to see!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Visiting Georgia

A couple of weeks ago we went up to Atlanta for our niece's first birthday.  It was a nice trip, but fairly short.  We didn't get to do nearly all we wanted to, or see all the people that we would have like to have seen.  It seems a number of our friends are moving to Atlanta lately.

We did get to play tourist for a little bit though.  That was really fun.  AJ joked that since we aren't tourist in Orlando, that we get to be one elsewhere.  We were those crazy people taking pictures in non-traditional tourist locations.  

We decided that if we are traveling to a city that has an IKEA, then we have to get our picture in front of it.


We found a cool two-story Target.  I am not used to them looking like anything other than concrete boxes.  It had a parking garage attached and an escalator to get into the store (it also had a special escalator for the carts on the way down).  AJ says this one is in a converted industrial area.  I really like it!

I thought this building looked interesting.  I love the shape of it!


We also did one very touristy thing! Care to guess where we were?

THE VARSITY!  We make it a habit to stop here at least once when we are in Atlanta. 

We played tourist for most of one day, and then the next day we helped get ready for our niece's first birthday.  Ashely (aka Savannah's mom) planned a really big party for her.  It was at a cute little park near their house.  It was nice to get to meet some more of that side of the family, and finally meet some of the people that Ashley is friends with! I also got to meet Paul's family.


 I got to meet Beth from The Nurturing Mama and Maddie, too!   

Savannah looked VERY cute in her dress and hair bows!
I am also proud of Paul for wearing his Gator shirt we got him for Christmas :)


A better shot of the hair bows!  Her hair up like that just cracks me up!!!

Savannah trying out the cake. She was a little slow to dive right in.

She is starting to get the hang of it.

Savannah going after the candle.  I love the fact that she got icing up to her elbows.

It was a really fun trip to Atlanta, but way to short. Sunday, we woke up and headed to meet one of AJ's best friends and his wife for church.  We went to church and then grabbed a quick lunch with them.  It wasn't nearly long enough to catch up.  They just moved up there a month ago so we were excited to hear all about their new jobs and where they were living.  AJ and Chris started talking baseball, and it made us wish that we could have taken in a Braves game while we were there.  We also wanted to go to the World of Coke, too.  Oh well, there is always next time!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I wear my sunglasses inside.

The Gators WON! So AJ bought be orange & blue flowers. :]