Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - Sandhill Cranes

 This year we have had a lot of Sandhill cranes.  I don't know what caused such an increase, but they are EVERYWHERE!  A couple of weeks ago there was a pair at the church I work at, and they seemed cranky that I was there.  This week a pair has discovered our birdbath/ bird feeder. 

I think it is funny that we have been putting seed in the feeder for about a year, and we haven't had much interest in the feeder other than a few tiny little sparrows that eat the seed that is on the ground.  Now, all of a sudden we have Sandhill cranes that think it is their buffet.  I guess in some ways it is, because it is almost on beak level for them.  It is really funny to watch them eat! 

The pair that has been taking up residence don't seem to be scared of much other than the lady who was walking a really big dog.  Otherwise, the cranes seem to wander a way for a little while, and then wander back to the feeder and eat a little more.  I have enjoyed their company.  They are really enjoyable to watch, and being able to watch them is another reason I really enjoy where we live.  I love getting to see the nature around us.


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