Monday, August 16, 2010

I Spy with My Little Eye - Car Wrecks

(Sorry for the low quality image, but I only had my phone's camera close when we were going by this.)

Cars seem to like flipping upside down a lot where we live.  This is the second set of cars I saw upside down in the course of four days.  These two wrecks happened on the same road, but not all the ones we see happen just on this road.  There are two roads into our area of Orlando, and neither of them are particularly crazy roads.  The other road is a four lane highway with the speed for most of it at 45 mph.  This road is two lane with some of the length at 45 mph and others at 55 mph (though now there is a construction zone and it is 35 mph, but neither of the wrecks this week occurred anywhere near the construction).  Neither road is overly curvy or crazy.  This week neither wreck happened when there was water on the road or anything else to make it extra prone to wrecks.  I can't figure out why there are so many wrecks on these roads, and when I say wrecks I don't mean fender-benders.

I know one area on the other road that has a LOT of wrecks, but I have figured out why those happen there. It is a tight curve at 45 mph where a side street comes out right in the middle of the curve, and people crossing the north bound lane can't see around the curve or how fast the other cars are moving.  There are frequently wrecks there, and a lot of cars turned upside down from those wrecks.  I always freak out and slow way down when going around that curve if people are trying to cross.  I have had a couple of wrecks happen while I was in that area.

These wrecks are always scary to me.  I don't like the thought of people getting hurt.  They just seem to happen a lot, and with no real good reason.  I know that the people down here drive FAST, and they frequently aren't paying attention - either to driving or the laws.  On the road that the above wreck is on people frequently pass on corners/ curves, use the center of the road to pass (even though it isn't a passing lane or even wide enough to fit a car in the center area), and on the sides of the road.  It is REALLY scary when people are passing in the center around a curve and another car comes around the bend.  

I do have to agree with AJ on the above wreck - "How do two cars flip upside down on a straight road with no rain?"  The odd thing is that there was a third car involved in the wreck that isn't in the picture because it was behind the upside down blue car and the police cars.  I am still amazed that we have this many major wrecks close to my house.

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