Monday, August 2, 2010

I Need a Change - Re-Covering the Dining Room Chairs

We bought AJ's grandparent's dining room set when we first moved into the house.  When we had the dining room set up it worked for us, sort of.  It didn't quiet fit in our house, as the set was designed in the 1950's and built for houses of that period.  Our house is a lot different that houses from then.  We love the set - the way it is designed and the style of it, but are having a hard time making it work in the space of our house.  

Since we converted our dining room into a library we have been trying to make the dining set work in various locations in the house and settings.  I have moved the table around our eat-in kitchen more times that I care to count.  I finally had AJ move it into a new location on Friday night.  I also figured out that part of what was making the table not work was the cushion covers.  The fabric on them was much more formal than our eat-in is, especially with the bright blue walls and white accents.  So, we picked up some fabric at IKEA to re-cover them.

Here is what the chairs looked like to start with. I had AJ unscrew the seats from the frames for me.

Pulling out all the staples.

These are the staples from just two chairs.  There were six chairs in total, so there were A LOT of staples.

What was underneath the other fabric. 

One chair done, five more to go.

The final product, up close and personal.

I love the way they came out.  I am probably going to get a white table cloth for the table and put a strip of this fabric down the middle of the table cloth to pull the chairs and table together.  This fabric looks so good in the eat-in.  The fabric is just a shade off the wall color, and it has little dots of orange in the white leaves.  That means I can introduce some orange accessories into the eat-in.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

A few comments.

1) That fabric looks 60s-ish. :-) At first, I thought you said that it was what was underneath... then I realized that you meant the white. :-) I really like it, though!

2) We should switch tables - we have a house built in the 60s and we have a hard time fitting our furniture in. You have the opposite problem!

3) Orange and blue. Of course. :-)

I'm excited to see how it all turns out!! You should take a picture of the whole eat-in when you're done!

Amy Van-Mod said...

I love the change! Inspires me to pick back up some of my forgotten projects.