Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Week 21

This has been a weird week. I have been so tired this week.  I have been fighting it all week and not having the best of luck.  I have been taking naps most days and sleeping about 8 hours everyday.  That rarely happens, and the more surprising things is that I have been sleeping through AJ getting up in the mornings.  Normally, I wake up when he gets up at 4:00 and then don't fall back until he leaves around 5:00, but this week if I have noticed he has gotten out of bed it is a miracle.  Then there have been a couple of days that I have gotten up at my normal time, but then gotten back in bed a couple of hours later.

I also had my first nosebleed EVER in my life.  I don't know what this means, but it was freaky and scary.  I don't think this had anything to do with my weight issues, but it was memorable enough to want to put it down for this week.  I didn't like this experience at all.

Being as tired as I have been means that I really haven't had the energy to do much of anything exercise-wise outside of therapy.  I have had a really good week at therapy though.  I am back doing all most 99% of what I was doing before this last flare.  The only thing I am still having a hard time with is ball squats, but I still managed to do some this week.  I really want to get back to working on getting in shape, and I just seemed to be stalled overall with this, at least I have therapy to keep me going.

I did better at tracking my food this week.  The calories have been all over the place - the highest was 2055 and the lowest was 1259.  I have been really hungry, but not at the same time.  That sounds weird, but I have been wanting to graze and eat, but not wanting food in my stomach.  I did lose 0.2 lbs this week.  My weight has also been all over the place this week, the daily ups and downs have been mildly crazy.

I feel like this week I have just been hanging on, and waiting to see where things are going.  I feel "off".  I have also been moody, lonely, and mildly depressed this last week.  Nothing major, but just feeling like I need a lot of hugs.

Score Card:
Weekly Weight Change : -0.2 lbs
Weekly Measurements : 0 inches
Total Weight Change : -21.9 lbs
Total Measurements : -16.5 inches total body

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