Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday AJ!

Happy Birthday!!!

In honor of him starting his 25th year of life I thought I would do a top 25 list of memories.

    1. The day I met him he climbed a tree and threw sticks at me.

    2. Going to Tran-Siberian Orchestra in Lakeland.

    3. Talking all the way home from Lakeland.

    4. Going to Rock the Universe and seeing him just enjoy theme parks.

    5. Hanging out watching CSI and having Chad think we are weird.

    6. Spending a lot of time over Christmas break at Universal riding roller coasters.

    7. Celebrating a Gator National Championship.

    8. Having him take me on a surprise picnic and asking me out.

    9. Having him run all the way to my apartment when it got broken into and not leaving my side.

    10. Going to Atlanta and seeing Stone Mountain and the World of Coke.

    11. Getting to go to a Braves game with him.

    12. Having him propose when I was really really sick.

    13. Him being there when I was sick and had to have some painful test done.

    14. Our wedding day.

    15. Our honeymoon.

    16. Going to Disney with my parents and seeing him be part of our family.

    17. Going to Hilton Head, SC with his family and being a part of his family.

    18. The day I found out we were moving to Orlando.

    19. Enjoying a second Gator National Championship.

    20. Spending the day in St. Augustine.

    21. The day we found out his position was for real and he was getting hired on.

    22. The day we paid off his student loans.

    23. Going to Disney on our own to celebrate being debt free.

    24. Him calling to tell me we had gotten our house.

    25. Going on our first real long road trip - NC, SC, TN, and GA.

    Happy Birthday, AJ!
    I am looking forward to spending the next 25 years with you and seeing where that road takes us.



    Goddess of Random said...

    Yay I was there for number 7! :D

    Congrats to AJ on another year, you two are so amazing together!

    ashley @ twentysixcats said...

    Aww this post was really cute! I may steal this for Paul's birthday next year...

    dax248 said...

    Kelly - Thanks! I am glad you were there for 7. That was a fun day!

    Ashley - Feel free to steal it. It was a fun way to look at a birthday!