Thursday, June 10, 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Week 14 - Sick and Tired

This picture is borrowed from here, an article about allergies.

We are finally done traveling for a while.  I am really happy about that fact.  I have had a great time seeing all the people we have seen and seeing all the places that we went.  Traveling is just hard on me.  I have really bad allergies (to almost everything) and sleeping in different places with allergens is rough on me. 

I swear I have got pounds and pounds of mucous in my head lately.  I am on multiple antihistamines trying to control the allergic response.  Tonight is the first night I feel partially human (thanks to the makers of Zyrtec and taking them every 12 hours).  Allergy responses that are like this make me EXHAUSTED!  I haven't slept well with it going on, but I have tried to sleep a lot.

Even with the traveling I lost 0.3lbs.  Not a huge loss, but a happy one!  It is still progress in the right direction.  There are a couple of other issues that I am dealing with this week, so any positive movement is a good thing!

I have been fighting cravings of food this week.  I have upped my calorie count to accommodate these cravings.  Nothing drastic, up to around 1700-1800, but it seems to be helping by having the extra wiggle room.  I haven't wanted to exercise at ALL this week.  But, it is hard to have that desire when mucous is just pouring out my eyes and nose. 
This next bit might be a bit TMI, but it is something that is also affecting my weight, so it gets put in here.  I am on my first "real" menstrual cycle in years.  I decided to come off my birth control, and try to give my body a chance to heal and get healthy before we start trying to get pregnant.  I will say I am worried about how this "test" is going to go given my history with my silly ovary.  I think this is what is causing the cravings and about half of the exhaustion.  Hopefully, next week will get back to more normal health-wise, and as my body gets more used to not having the birth control things will stabilize.  Can you tell I am really hopeful and trying to be optimistic about not being on the pill?

I have almost made it to 20 lbs!  I go back to the doctor for some more blood work the first week of July, he was hoping that I could lose 30 lbs by that appointment.  I am not sure I will make that goal, but I am going to be a lot closer than I was.  The weight loss has gotten slower lately, but I know some of that is travel and some is just plain boredom.  I am going to fix that this week, though.  I am going to strive to have lost between 20 and 25 lbs lost by the doctor's appointment.

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Anonymous said...

You're awesome. :) I hate allergies as well. Blurg. My fitness goal has been put on hold until it ets hot enough to warrant turning on the A/C. Its too hot to exercize without it, but its not hot enough to urn it on. :P

Keep up the good work!