Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrating the Stine!

I am wishing my best friend a very HAPPY birthday!!!

Stine has been my best friend since I was 6 years old! She is an amazing person who has been by my side for so many ups and downs in this world.  She has seen all the sides of my personality and she loves me anyways. I am so blessed to have seen the wonderful person she has grown up to be.  An amazing friend, a devoted wife, and an awesome mother to two little girls!

I just wanted to thank her for a most amazing journey so far! Thank you for being there for all those important moments in life!  We have had so much fun along the way, and though we are in different cities I know we will always be close.  

We met in first grade. We were in the same class and that year we became best friends. She was so shy and I was so loud, no one every really figured our friendship would last.
Also, we were both in the same dance program. 

Jennifer, Stine, and Amanda
This is from my first real sleep over birthday party, I was eight that year.  Stine had a very reserved personality, I promise even though this picture doesn't show it. She was very quiet until she got to know someone and then her very playful side would come out.

Jennie, Stine, Me, and Maria. 
Stine was there for me turning 16, too. We went to a Japanese steakhouse.

Stine, Maria, and Me
We went on a trip to Destin in 1998. It doesn't feel like that long ago that we were just hanging out and trying to figure out where this life would lead us.  I am not sure we could have ever imagined then how great life would be now!

Mrs. Solburg and Stine
Stine was our Valedictorian for the Class of 2000! That was an wonderful thing to get to celebrate with her and to see all of her hard work pay off!  She is such an inspiring person and her speech really hit home. 

Stine and Me
We lived together while I was in college. She was the best roommate a person could ask for! I can't imagine having lived with anyone for two years other than my best friend.  She was always there for me and always willing to throw my stuff back into my bedroom when it migrated out.  Stine was always the neat and organized person in our friendship, and I was the crazy messy one!  She kept me grounded when I needed it and at the same time was right there beside me when we really needed to just let loose. 

During college we had tickets to Disney and we went frequently, but one day I decided that we had to make an emergency trip to Disney to meet someone who was going to be broadcasting from there the next day.  She thought I was minorly nuts, but packed an over night bag anyway.  Well, we didn't get to meet the person we wanted to, but we had an adventure anyways. 

Also, while we were living together we got to go on some fun trips. We went to New Orleans and to the Jazz festival.  We went to the book sales in Gainesville, and other random silly stuff. We took a pottery class together, too.  I wish I had more pictures (or at least that I could find them from this time in our lives, but they are stored somewhere that I can't find).

Stine and Shannon
Then one book sale Saturday Stine has Shannon along (who she has been dating for a couple of months).  We were having a great time all hanging out, and Shannon leans over and says he is taking Stine to the beach that afternoon, to propose to her! Oh my goodness!!! YAY!!! I will say that the Fall book sale will forever remind me of their engagement and that their anniversary is coming up!

I thought I was initially losing my best friend, but boy was I wrong. Instead I gained a friend in her husband! He is such a wonderful guy and a great husband.  He loves her so much and is just the perfect match for her.

 I was very proud to be at the Temple when they got married and to be at her side when they exchanged rings outside where friends and family who couldn't see the ceremony were able to still be part of it.  I wish I had a picture that her mom took, it was the three of us all walking together, holding hands with Stine in the middle.  It still makes me tear up thinking about how beautiful she was on her wedding day!

Shannon, Julia, and Stine
In 2005 Stine called me to let me know she was pregnant! Oh happy happy day! It was so exciting having her pregnant and I was going to be an aunt! I was very happy to be by her side when she was in labor with Jules. Though it was a difficult and scary time after wards I wouldn't have traded being there for anything. I am so proud of Stine as a mom!

Jewell, Charlene, Diego, Me, Shermi, Stine, and Beth
Finally, along comes 2007 and it is my turn to get married. Stine was a Matron of Honor (all three of my "girls" were, actually), and she stood by my side doing all the silly things that it entailed. We had my bachelorette party at the Nick Hotel in Orlando.  It was a blast, not a traditional party, but very silly. 

Stine and Me
Stine was the only one I would trust or allow to put make-up on me for my wedding. She did an amazing job!

Jewell, Stine, Me, and Beth
Stine was by my side the whole time!

Shannon, Sophie, and Stine
In 2009 Stine called to say that they were pregnant, again! Yay! Another baby!!! It was a girl, Sophie. We missed the delivery this time because we were in another city and Sophie decided to come in the middle of the night, but we drove up at 8 AM the next morning to go meet the newest baby! She arrived safe and sound and is adorable.

Sophie and Stine
We were a week late in getting to go celebrate Sophie's birthday with her and Stine this year, but we made it and it was so nice to see everyone. It is really cool to see the traits that Sophie is developing that are very Stine-like. She already has a strong desire for chocolate items and couldn't wait to get into the chocolate eggs we took her as part of her present. Stine is a great mother to her two girls and I love watching her be with them.  It  is very inspiring and familiar at the same time.
Julia, Stine, and Sophie
I guess this is where the journey takes a pause, at least until the next adventure starts!

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINE!!! Thank you for being so wonderful and just being YOU!


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With that said, Luke loved the picture of you guys with Diego. And when we went past the wedding pictures, he said, "I want to see the pwincess again! Yay pwincess!" :)

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You are entirely too nice. :)

Love you.