Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Week 11

I can't figure out what is going on with my body! I feel like I am literally stuck on a roller coaster.  I wish I could get an accurate reading of where my weight is actually at, because the health issues keep throwing it for a loop!  I don't know if I am making more or less progress - so am I going forward or back or up or down?  Hence, the roller coaster picture.

I am trying to stay focused on the positive, though.  Even with the random ups and downs, I am down another 1.1 pounds!  Also, I have lost another inch of my hips and a half inch of my thighs.  I am really happy about those.  I just wish it was faster, but as my doctor friend, Meaghan, pointed out last week - slow steady weight loss is better and sustainable. 

I guess I get really frustrated because I know where my calories are at daily and weekly.  I know that if it was a shear numbers game I would have lost 2.5lbs this week.  I also know I would have lost 2.5lbs last week. Since neither of those are the case, then it frustrates me.  I know my body is holding on to water like crazy and that is throwing me into this up and down cycle.  I feel like I have failed myself some days, because I had set a mental goal of losing 20lbs by this point in the game.  It has frustrated me enough to think about using diet pills or water pills, even just for a short term.  But, that is something I told myself I wouldn't do at the start of this.  It isn't healthy and I am doing all of this to get healthy. 

I will say I am proud of myself for this weekend.  We had a friend come down with her son and we went theme parking on Saturday, then Sunday AJ and I had date day.  The whole weekend was a blast!  But, I had mentally established that I was going to eat what I wanted to, and not count calories. I did just that, and when I did enter the foods and calories into my spreadsheet I was really surprised to find that I had stuck to a very reasonable amount.  I didn't go over my daily intake limit at all!

Also, I managed to keep up with the group!  I figure we were walking fairly steady for about 4 hours total on Saturday. It wasn't a fast walk, but it was a lot of it.  I did have to take some breaks, like when they were playing on the climbing areas, but that was more my back wouldn't stand to hunch over and at the same time climb a ropes course. I am ok with that though!

I have a plan for the next entry in this journey.  I am going to try to get AJ to take some pictures of me this weekend. I want to post a before and current picture.  Hopefully, that will inspire me to see how far I have come since Christmas.  I was going to do it this week because I thought we got a couple of pictures of me at the theme parks, but I am either standing behind the cute two year old or it is just a head shot.  This is going to take some bravery on my part because I am photo-phobic and normally hide from cameras.

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