Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is Springing

This wonderful weather has really felt like Spring. I know that sounds like a silly statement, but living in Florida we frequently don't get a Spring (or a Winter or Fall, either). It normally goes from hot to REALLY hot, then REALLY REALLY HUMID & MUGGY. I always thought it was interesting that Floridians have lots of words to describe the humidity and rain fall. But, that is besides the point at the moment.

The point right now is that it is BEAUTIFUL weather! It has made me want to decorate the house with Springy stuff and play in the yard more. So, I thought I would share some pictures and spread the cheer.

The dining room - I don't think I have posted pictures since we painted the dining room. I am still having some issues getting it to look the way I want, but things are coming together. I found some curtains at Ikea on clearance that matched perfectly (they have the same color yellow stripe in them. The Easter baskets are for a friend's little girls that are coming to visit this weekend (I LOVE after holiday sales).

I really wish we had a front porch, but since we don't I have made a fake one on the little alcove that is the entry way. I love the rocker! I also love having the galvanized bucket there for flowers, they just need to get bigger now. Does anyone have any suggestions for things I could put on the walls to give them some life? The little trees aren't a permanent thing, either. I just wanted them there to mildly create a visual break between the entry and the yard.

This isn't really a Spring update, but we did downsize our fish tank this Spring. We went from a 50 gallon tank to a 10 gallon. I like where it is at now. It is also a lot quieter.

I did update the decorations in the bowl next to the fish tank. I found these great eggs and stuffed bunnies at Jo-Ann Fabrics on clearance. They are so cute! It also was a really easy update.

We have our first strawberry of the year on our plants. I don't know why some of the leaves have turned such a vivid red. I did read something interesting the other day though about strawberries. It said to pull off the blooms and fruit the first year so that the plant will put all its energy into the root system, and the second year the plant will be healthier and stronger and make lots of fruit. Anyone else ever heard this? Anyone know if it is true?

Strawberry blooms. They are so pretty.

I have blooms on my tomatoes too! They are getting really close to making tomatoes. I am so excited.

I also have the start of berries on my blueberry bushes. I wasn't as excited about this because they had some white berries on them when I bought the plants, but now I am starting to realize that they are now putting on brand new berries. I still am not sure they are going to make it, but I am really happy how they are doing now.

These are what my momma would call "volunteers", meaning that they have volunteered to decorate my yard for me. They are technically weeds, but they are so pretty. I love the little purple flowers from the top picture. They are everywhere in our neighborhood. I am dreading AJ mowing the lawn again and getting rid of the pretty flowers.

I know this picture isn't spectacular, colorful, or even that interesting, but to me it is AMAZING!!! My in-laws bought us these two trees for Christmas. They had these amazing blooms on them when we planted them in December, but then we got hit by a major cold winter for our area and it really hit these trees HARD. I have been so worried about them, but I noticed today that one of the trees has new growth coming out on it. These trees only put on blooms from new growth, so this is awesome news.

Here is what the trees will look like when they put on blooms. I borrowed this picture from Leaves of Grass. Isn't it pretty? It is going to look amazing in our yard when they get bigger and have blooms. I am so excited that we finally have some new growth and we are on our way to pretty trees.

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Momma said...

I love all of your plants. It is true that some plants will do better the 2nd year, if they are pinched back the 1st year. Clematis is an example. I am excited to see pictures of your NEW dining room. Daddy said he was glad he didn't have to move the bookcases, LOL.