Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Elephant Killer Bathroom

Half Bath Kills Elephants!

We have had two different fragile elephants figures in this bathroom, and well they have both meet horrible endings. I am thinking it has something against elephants.

The first one was an unfired clay elephant head wall hanging. We did everything possible to over-engineer how we hung it on the wall. Which by the way reminds me to say this - DO NOT use the 3M Command strips for anything that is breakable. We weighed the hanging and then used twice what they said to use for the weight. An hour after we hung the elephant head it hit the floor and shattered. I tried to glue it back together, but there were way too many tiny pieces. So, we bought a new one, but I haven't hung it up yet.

The second one was a plaster elephant plant stand that I have had for a couple of years. I will say that this isn't the first time this piece has broken. The head fell off before we moved into the house last year. I spent two days trying to glue it back together, and finally got that accomplished. Well, last night - in the middle of the night - I heard a LOUD crash that woke me up. I couldn't figure it out to start with, then I realized it was in the half bath. I opened the door and our shelf/ towel rack was on the floor and the elephant had lost its head. It also broke the place that a plant would sit. I am not going to try to glue him back together - the head re-broke along the same initial break, but now there are lots more pieces. 

I think the bathroom is telling me it wants to be decorated with something else. I am starting to think of some other ideas - involving paint and non-fragile items. I have seen some really cute ideas out there and a lot of them are inexpensive. This could be a fun project! I have wanted to redo both the master and guest bath, but I wasn't even thinking of touching the half bath. Maybe this is the right size space to tackle and try out some other ideas before I do them in the big baths.

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