Thursday, April 1, 2010

Celebrating Spring

The weather has been a mild roller coaster here lately. It has been beautiful one day and then cold and rainy the next. The beautiful days are amazing though, and everything has been out enjoying this wonderful weather. We have been spending a lot of time with our sliding doors open and letting the amazing breezes in. We have also been spending a lot of time trying to get our patio fixed up so we can enjoy it a little more this year. We are still having a little problem figuring the patio out, but it is slowly coming together.

The crazy rain! This was after only a couple of hours of rain, but it had been a steady hard rain. It did keep up like this for about 18 hours. The ditch in the back of the yard is about 4 foot deep, so you can see how much water was coming down.

After the rain, all the little birds came out. We have started putting bird see on the ground near our birdbath/bird feeder. Because of that we have been getting these cute little wrens all over the ground hunting for the seed. The other day we also had this very noisy song bird in the tree. I would almost swear that he was fussing at me because the big birdbath we have been using as a bird feeder was full of water, and I wasn't dumping it and putting new seed in for this bird. He would look at the feeder then look up and make these really frustrated chirps. It was funny.

Last year my mom bought us these neat galvanized bins. AJ drilled holes in the bottom of four of them for me to turn into planters. We have been keeping pretty flowers in them since then. They work great for that, but the cold weather killed all my flowers I had in there. Luckily, Lowe's had all these pretty flowers on sale for $0.89 a pot. I love the mixtures of colors.

The other project we have been working on is raised planting beds. AJ and his best friend Chad built these when Chad came down last time. They are great! I got to plant two different types of tomatoes, two zucchini plants, some lavender, and oregano. I also got two raspberry bushes, two blueberry bushes, and two strawberry plants. The raspberries and the blueberries I planted near the fence line since they need so much more space that everything else. I did put the strawberries into the other planter box. I am excited to finally have a garden going. It isn't much now, but I am hoping over time we will be able to expand the number of things we have planted, and the number of planter boxes. I would love to over time be able to have enough things planted that we can actually eat out of our garden, not just supplement our meals. Also, it would be great to have enough to can stuff and put it up for later, but we need  a lot more plants!

I am really enjoying Spring this year! How about you? What does Spring look like where you are at? Is it spring there or are you still waiting?


Anonymous said...

Good luck, blueberries are tricksy. Have you gotten the soil tested for them? I REALLY want to grow them, but we have a strict "leave it be, if it grows it grows" policy around here that doesn't make for happy blueberries. :P

Helen said...

love the bird pictures. I think the fussy one was a Mocking Bird. Your flowers are very pretty. Can't wait to see the tomatoes when they get a little bigger.

dax248 said...

Jen - I didn't know anything about testing the soil. I just dug a hole, filled it with garden planting soil, and then put them in. They look like they are doing ok though (well, except for the rain flooding their holes).

Momma - I have blooms on my tomatoes, so hopefully I will have tomatoes soon and pictures of them!