Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Week 4 : Attack of the Scales

I think the picture says it all. The scales are in attack formation!

And, why yes, all those scales are in our bathroom currently! I wanted one that was a little more precise because the one I was using (the top one) only does weight in 0.5 lb increments - we have had this one for a while.  So, I got the black one - it does increments of 0.2 lbs, but it is really flimsy and when I would step on or off it would tip and I almost fell a couple of times. The third one does increments of 0.1 lbs, it is really stable feeling, and so far so good.  

I will say it is really funny to watch AJ weigh himself on one, then jump to the next, and try to claim that he had gained weight while he was in the air. Interestingly enough, none of the scales ever weigh near the others.

This week has been as crazy as the weather down here has been. One day nice and bright and sunny, then two days of cold rain, then back to sunny. I still think it has to do with this medicine. I am fairly ok during the day when the sun is out, but the darker it gets the more melancholy I get. I have also been going to bed really early (for me) around 10:30, but then waking up at 3:30 and fighting the rest of the night to go back to sleep.  It is really annoying!

I did lose 2.7 lbs and another 1/2 inch of both my waist and my thighs. I am really happy about that. I will say that I wish it was a bigger loss since I didn't have any last week, but I will take this progress. 

My calorie count has been all over the board, too. The first half of the week I was focusing on trying to keep it around 1500 even with exercise. The second half of the week has been 1500 not including exercising. It means that the last three days has been around 1000 final count. 

As for the exercise, I found some of the Biggest Loser workouts on our On-Demand. I have checked out several of the other workouts, but haven't really found any I liked until now. I like the Biggest Loser ones because they have a modified version of the workout. This is important because my back can't physically do all of the moves, and I like being given that option instead of just standing there trying to figure it out on my own. The other nice thing about the modified version is that they encourage as I get stronger to actually try the non-modified version. I have done that on one or two of the moves already, but I know I am not ready to move to that point permanently. I don't have the strength in my ankles or the balance needed to be able to hop on one foot while lifting weights, but I will get there - I know I will.

I also did better on getting fruits and veggies this week. I have played with some different food options, too. We had salmon teriyaki with veggies one night, then chicken and broccoli another night. I think it is interesting that I am cooking more Asian inspired meals lately to get in the lower calorie options and vegetables. We did eat out a couple of times, but I don't think Subways is such a bad thing, IKEA was a little harder to figure out, but it was yummy and I was really hungry! I still haven't made myself sit down and do a meal plan. I really need to, but I just can't make myself do it. 

How did you do this week? Where were your ups and downs?


UndomesticWife said...

I admire the Asian diet, it's quite healthy. Looks like you are making a lot of progress!

dax248 said...

I like the Asian diet, but being Southern, sometimes I just want a pork chop, mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas. Nothing really satisfies that craving the right way.

Thanks for the encouragement!