Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Welcome to the Faire

The Hoggetowne Medieval Faire is held for two weekends every year in January and February. I make it a goal to every year. I love going to the faire. It is always a chance to see friends that I don't get to see that often. I miss seeing them, and I can't believe how much my life has changed since I went to my first one in Gainesville back in 2001. Every year is different in ways and every year is the same in a lot of ways.

This year was fun because Courtney had never been to a faire, neither had Chad. It was also fun seeing Jenn and Luke. I can't believe how big he is getting. I loved watching him be fascinated by everything and wanting to experience everything.

Arriving at the Faire.


Rey and Courtney. I have been to several faires with Rey, but it was fun going with Courtney because she was so excited about everything.


Our Chad. This is AJ's best friend. He intentionally has bad pictures taken of him. I have only seen a few where he wasn't making "the Chad face" (our wedding pictures are safe ones :) ) He is a great guy and it was fun to spend a day with him.

The Giant Gate with the welcoming guards. Apparently, they don't get asked "How are you doing?" All that often. They were shocked when we asked them.

Ride an elephant!

The camel wasn't nearly as exciting. He was waiting to have riders. The line for the elephant was really long, but no one wanted to ride the camel.


This is a knitting bowl. I really want one, but I couldn't justify the cost. I have seen them  floating around the internet. We took lots of pictures to see if my dad or AJ's granddad could turn one on the lathe and then cut out the J for the yarn. AJ really liked the one with the cat in the bottom of the bowl. Seeing these pieces make me miss being able to throw pottery. I would love to be able to make these myself.


Apparently, Mickey Mouse was a popular medieval symbol. That or he followed us up to Gainesville.


We love the Birds of Prey tent. They have some amazing birds. The show they put on is also amazing. It makes me really want a white owl or a barn owl.




A Scottish/ Celtic band with some fun music. All the ladies around us were going nuts for the drummer with the long hair. We were just amazed by the bagpipes player. His fingers were moving so fast they were hard to see sometimes.


Luke rocking out to the music.


Luke standing still. This picture wasn't easy to get. He is a very curious and smart two year old. I love seeing him every year. We were looking through old pictures from the faire and seeing him grow up over the last couple of years is neat.

These pictures are from two years ago from this point on. We didn't get to see some of these shows this year, but since most of the stuff never changes it is easy to recycle pictures.


This acrobatic troupe is awesome. I can't fathom how much they practice to be able to do these things. I also can't image how hard the girl's abs are. She can lay flat and then have someone stand on her legs while someone is holding her up by having their feet in her back. Wonder what method she uses to tone them, pilates maybe?


A fire eater.

The joust. I am not the biggest fan of this. Namely, because it is so scripted. I know a lot at the faire is scripted, but this is the one that bugs me the most. Chad went to see this this year, but AJ and I got a snack and just hung out with Jenn, her mom, and Luke.

Me. Sick, but not from this year. Actually, this is the first year in a couple that I wasn't REALLY sick for the faire. This picture is from two years ago, but it is the best one I have of me at the faire. Last year we didn't take pictures because I had just broken my ankle and we didn't take pictures because AJ was helping me around on the crutches. This year I was bundled like an eskimo, because cold and damp make the pain a lot worse.


Goddess of Random said...

Man now I'm EXTRA sad. You all look like you had a good time and even got Rey out of the house. Amazing.

dax248 said...

I am sorry. It looks like we are coming up for the book sale in April. Maybe we can meet up then and hang out.

Actually, it was Courtney that got Rey out of the house. She is good at doing that :)

Hope things are still going great in school. Love reading the bento blog!