Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Envelope Pouch - Whoops Zune Pouch

I found this fun fabric at a thrift store last week. It is actually a napkin, but 100% cotton. I got 10 of them, so I have a lot of fabric to play with. I wanted to make a pouch to hold my  Dave Ramsey envelopes from the clutch/ wallet. I am not using the wallet aspect right now, and it is just something else in my bag. I love the clutch, but it isn't what I need now. So, I was going to make a pouch to hold just the envelopes.

I used fusable interfacing and folded the napkin in half.  Next I cut off the side edge that had been surged.

I folded the sides in and sewed them down to give it a nice finished edge. I also folded the top piece down to create a tucked under flap.

Next I folded up the bottom and made the pouch.I also folded the top down to make the top.

I put the velcro on to the top flap and on the base. I need to go back and sew the velcro down. It didn't stay on the base piece very well, even though it was the industrial strength stuff.

I then dug through my growing collection of vintage buttons (which is currently being kept in this amazing old Samsonite card side toiletry case). I found this great big one. It looked perfect. I sewed it into that top flap that was created earlier. It is stitched behind the piece of velcro so that the stitches wouldn't be visible.

I got it all done. Then I went to stick the envelopes in to it, and well they didn't fit. I had been test fitting them the whole way through, but apparently I made my last seems to big. Oh, well. I had needed a pouch to keep my Zune and headset in because the headset gets lost and tangled in my bag. The Zune fits great and the pouch is big enough to hold the headset, too. The pouch is also thick enough that I am not as worried about the touch screen getting scratched. I have had a problem with that in the past (my old Ipod got a huge gouge in it within the first two weeks that I had it and it really bugged me, and my old Zune got minor scratches in it, too).

I really like this pouch, and I LOVE my Zune HD! I am glad that it didn't work out the way it was supposed to. Sometimes great things work out even when I make the mistakes of too much seam allowance.

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