Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eat Your Veggies!

Let me start this whole thing with : I am a weird eater. I don't like lots of things because they have odd taste or texture.  But I have happy news:

I think I have potentially added a new veggie to the collection that I will eat -  Zucchini.

I have successfully cooked and eaten two meals with it. This statement is important because I have been in know to cook things that have stuff I don't like in them and then not eat what was just cooked at all. This behavior always confuses people and me.  

This weekend I cooked two meals using the zucchini. One was a "habachi" style Japanese meal. I cooked chicken and then some very finely chopped carrots and zucchini. I even made the yummy white sauce that Japanese places serve. I ate the zucchini the last time we had habachi in a restaurant and it was ok. So, when we decided to cook at home on Saturday night because the restaurant was really full with a long wait time and also more than we had in our envelope for eating out, I decided to try to cook the veggies that normally are part of the meal. It came out really well. I even ate about half the slices without dipping them in the sauce.

Then tonight it was time to make dinner. We had frozen scallops, and I have had this great recipe for scallops and veggie pasta since I was in college. It doesn't use zucchini, but since I had two left from last night I decided to throw them in there. Oh, my it was yummy. 

I still am not sure that I would eat the zucchini raw, or without accompanying items. I am just glad to know that I can cook it and eat it. I am hoping this sticks around because I really need more veggies in my world.

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